Thursday , June 17 2021

1800 Days Early Retirement – News

One of the most frequently asked questions about retirement is early retirement. For those starting before 1999, they are entitled to a 3600-day pension under certain conditions. This is known as early retirement. However, there are millions of people in Turkey who are disabled due to illness and disability. These people can retire with lower bonuses.


This is called "pension (health reasons)". The first and most important requirement for retirement is the Health Council's report that at least 60% of the workforce is missing. In order to receive this report, individuals must submit an application to SSI centers in the province or area where they are located and refer to the competent hospitals. I mean, I need the shipment of SGK. Every person with disabilities is not considered a disability because the loss of labor is 60 percent or more.


The person must pay at least 1,800 days a premium, even if they document that at least 60 percent of the workforce is lost. In order to be able to retire in disability, it is necessary to start work on the loss of labor for the first time after the date of insurance. The other person who is also insured must be insured for at least 10 years. In other words, in order to receive an invalidity pension, the condition of 10 years is not required for all disabled persons.


With changes in the disability pension, cancer patients receive an 18-month disability. duration, up to 24 months according to the disease. According to the type of cancer, to receive the disability pension needed to obtain the number of days and days of insurance for cancer patients diagnosed within one year of diagnosing the Health Council report without the need to apply the pension for disability, is linked. After 18 months, it is decided whether to take it monthly.


Transplantation of the organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, etc.) is also released. SSI can predict which organ transplants or health problems will lead to disability. For this reason, the person with disabilities "may come to the exam after two years," he says. If the loss of labor is below 60%, the salary is reduced.


● Cancer ● Epilepsy ● Dementia ● Brain tumors ● Parkinson's syndrome ● Cerebral palsy ● Multiple sclerosis ● Mental retardation (IQ 50 and lower) ● Schizophrenia ● Bipolar disorder ● Low vision ● Retinal haemorrhage Anemia ● Loss of organs such as arms, legs ● Behçet's disease ● gastrointestinal bleeding ● liver cirrhosis ● liver transplant ● heart failure ● heart valve disease ● heart transplant ● kidney transplant ● pulmonary transplant ● tuberculosis ● about AIDS

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