Friday , March 31 2023

3 steps to sunbathing intervention


Ankara City Hospital Burn Treatment Center Dr. Ahmet Cinar Pillow, the simplest intervention can be done with sunburn pain wet towel, olive oil with dry skin to prevent fluid loss to consume at least 3 liters of water, he said.


The best treatment for sunburn is to prevent it, as any injuries expressed on the pillow must be taken into account in this regard by the warnings of dermatologists, he said.

Sunburn is usually first-degree burns that transfer a pillow, and sunshine for a long time, if left untreated, can trigger a second-degree warning.

Professor Dr Pillow, the water does not cause sunburn in the skin due to drying of the upper layer of skin tension and dryness, voiced the voice, "incredible pain and pain occurs in the region. The most important thing to do for to ease the pain, the areas of sunburn are wet, ie the application of a wet cloth on the burned area should be repeated at least every 15 minutes, "he said.


A pillow, a sunburn, appears in the body of a person who has suffered a serious loss of water, noting: "We observe dizziness and sometimes seizures in these patients. Sometimes we have patients who receive fluid treatment. To prevent this, a person with sunburn should drink more than 3 liters of water a day. applying a towel, a little pain relieves the patient, but this situation will not be permanent. uses the phrase.

The simplest sunbathing applications showing that a wet towel at the beginning of the pillow, "A burnt area of ​​perfumed and odorless oily creams are also suitable for use. Ice in the area of ​​burns creates. 2 or 3 times a day to take a shower. To relieve the tension of dry skin due to the massage of the burns with clean olive oil, you will relieve the skin, relieve the pain of the patient. "

"Don't say sunburn"

Yastı means that collecting water into the skin means second-degree burns, the water sacs formed in the burn zone can be turned into a daily dressing with an open wound or, by injection, we are told that the water-collecting area.

A pillow is applied, deeper burning with inpatient treatment, saying: "It is treated for a duration of more than 3 weeks, with constant color variations and movement restriction. So we should not say sunburn. Wet cloth to provide moisture even where there is no cure for olive oil and oily cream wounds This is necessary for the skin's immune system and fluid balance. When part of the body burns, these functions deteriorate. Burns are dangerous for all age groups. Therefore, protection is very important. " – he said.

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