Friday , May 20 2022

63% alcohol-expensive from the EU in Turkey


The European Statistical Office (Eurostat), according to a price index drawn from the level of alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverage price index index of 163 euros in Turkey. So 100 euros in the 28 EU countries of the same alcoholic beverages bought for money, 163 euros can be purchased in Turkey with Turkish lira.

Turkey is the fifth most expensive country in the ranking of 37 European countries in the field. The most expensive drink is sold in Iceland at 268 euros, while the cheapest alcoholic beverage is available in northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for 72 euros. According to Eurostat, the EU average of 63 per cent more expensive alcoholic beverages in Turkey.


published by Eurostat, Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) purchasing power of both Turkey is 35% lower than the EU average and 63% more expensive than the average EU alcohol. According to SGP, Germans buy 100 beverages while Turkish citizens buy 29 drinks.

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