Saturday , June 25 2022

7 Important Warnings for Heart Patients in Hot Weather


High summer temperatures, especially over the age of 50, are overweight or at risk for people with heart disease.

In people with known heart disease, complaints may increase in hot air and patients may experience serious problems if they do not take the necessary precautions.

Cardiology Memorial Unit at Antalya Uz Hospital. Dr. Nuri Cömert, warm weather in people with heart disease told the dots to pay attention.


Summer heat can cause problems for anyone. The body works to maintain a normal temperature, especially in hot weather, which is dangerous for people over 50, overweight and heart disease.

Sweating is an effort to evenly distribute skin temperature throughout the body. This effort increases heart rate and causes blood pressure to drop, which puts additional weight on the cardiovascular system. This severity can worsen symptoms in people with known heart disease. For example, a person with cardiovascular disease may begin to have chest pain, or a person with heart failure may develop or develop shortness of breath.


Sweating caused by hot weather increases heart rate and blood pressure decreases. Fever at extreme temperatures also causes loss of fluid. People with heart disease can enjoy summer and rest if appropriate precautions are taken, paying attention to those signs and complaints that invite heart disease.

Heart patients should pay attention to hot weather as follows;

1- The effects of medicines used to treat heart disease may change in hot weather.

2- When the weather warms, heart patients should arrange their medication in consultation with their doctor. Do not discontinue your heart medications or change the dose without your doctor's knowledge.

3- Don't be outdoors during the day, especially until noon and 3 in the afternoon.

4- If you are going to spend your day outside in the sun, be sure to drink enough water.

5- Avoid strenuous physical activity, be sure to consult your doctor before starting a regular workout program in the summer.

6- Wearing cotton, light clothing, wearing hats and goggles will keep you warm and reduce fluid loss.

7- Take fluid before and after walking. Give up the habit of drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages by the sea and the pool at resorts. Maintain the health of your heart by resting and breathing in the shadows and cool places while walking.
People with heart disease should have a cell phone with them and record the number of relatives they can call in case of emergency.

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