Wednesday , September 28 2022

A Great Danger to the World: Myopia


Recently the most common eye disease in children and even in adults, such as an outbreak of myopia (visual disturbance). According to scientists, by 2050 half of the world will be short-sighted. Because kids do not go out to watch the tablet and the computer. Ophthalmologists attribute the most important reason for the increase in childhood short-sightedness with the fact that children are in a very closed environment and look a lot on the computer. Experts, "For sun health necessarily go out of the sun and look at the open environment, which requires a view of 6 meters" is calling. Here, the eye of the world, threatening to see myopia, the eye experts gave important information.

Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Zule Ziylan, said that myopia spread throughout the world and said this is the case in our country because the children spend a lot of time on the phone, tablet and computer they are looking at close. For example, as nearsightedness increases in the Far East, for example, in the Far East, children living in this area receive daily opportunities to treat the street under the sun for two hours a day. For kids to play in the open, where you need a 6-meter view, which means being in the park, on the street, in the sports areas, families should not give their children a tablet, telephone, computer for more than 20 minutes.

Mediplol Mega University Hospital, Child Health and Disease Seville Karaman, a member of the faculty, said that short-sightedness is a major problem around the world. The disease, which has increased to 18-20 years, then stops. But now the risk continues until the age of 35. Serious problems, especially in Asian countries. It's also west, but more in Asia. What can be done? What causes myopia? he did research. It can be seen that staying in a home or a closed environment for a long time increases the risk of myopia. Surely 2 hours outside the sun should be spent. Children play on outdoor playgrounds, play outdoors and have less time for short-sightedness. Second, the big dangers are tablets, computers. If the child holds the tablet less than 30 inches, this is a problem.

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