Monday , October 18 2021

A huge $ 1 billion investment in the automotive industry


South Korean logistics, automotive and construction companies The Halla Group, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC), through which the company put into operation, announced $ 1 billion for the regional distribution of auto parts from Turkey.

According to the ITO, the South Korean Halla Group, one of the most important players in the world since 1962, operates in a wide range of fields such as shipbuilding, construction, education and sports, as well as the automotive industry. He signed on to invest in Turkey.

Suspension systems manufacturer Maysan also has 50 associates per hundred Mando Corporation, a hall where the largest companies participating in the title within the group called Halle Corporation Europe have set up the company in Turkey.

Halla Corporation Europe started its business with an official ceremony held at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The company is facing a distribution market covered product spares seeking to have a turnover of $ 1 billion directly managing a significant share of the world from Turkey.

Initially the target company with a turnover of $ 200 million, Turkey, as well as Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia coverage works has been positioned as a major hub of a huge sales network.

Anıl Yücetürk, General Manager of Maysan Mando, has been named CEO of Halla Corporation Europe.

"Turkey Will Make Money INVESTMENT"

ITO President Shekib Avdagic, Halla Holding's investment decision at each stage of the chain, said they were one-on-one: "Leading South Korean companies investing in our country, Halla Holding will be extremely important to our country, which is already has a very important position in the automotive industry. will allow us to upgrade, the sector will open up a new horizon, "he said.

Avdagiç Hall for the Balkans and instead of competing countries in Europe to make investment decisions in Turkey, noting that this is very important ", the most important feature of this investment is not targeting the Turkish export-oriented market, not This will save money in Turkey, employment is an investment it will create. "

Halla Holding Investment Solution, noting that ITO is a tangible result of its active role in attracting foreign investment in Turkey Avdagiç, "Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is involved in Halle investment decisions Making the room, we opened the front and the horizons. Such an important country. As an ITO, we help big companies, provide information and provide all kinds of support for their investment in Istanbul. We are happy to see the concrete results of this today. "


$ 20 Billion Halla Turnover The Group of 15,000 Employees noted that Halla Group CEO Holdings Investment Company Holdings Kyoung Sun Choi said, "under the name Maysan, we have been made after the partnership we have made in previous years, this new investment together with Turkey our confidence will increase. which we have done for the car market in return will make the difference between our competitors with this investment.This investment in our European operations as different from our competitors from Turkey will be the first paign, which manages "the assessment found.

They rely on Turkey Choi transfer, logistics In addition to the automotive sector in the coming period, in areas such as construction investment plans that have attracted attention.


Halla Corporation Europe CEO Anıl Yücetürk announced that the company's 5-year turnover target is $ 1 billion.

"Our goal is to create 12 branches and warehouses in 3 major regions. This company will work with 90 percent export oriented. Mando Corporation has 26 manufacturing sites, 13 R&D centers, 7 sales offices and 7 test sites worldwide. Halla Group, one of the largest companies in South Korea and the world, Mando, whose subsidiary has a turnover of $ 7 billion, is one of the most important suppliers of all the top 10 brands in the automotive industry. is a group of companies, "he said.

Yucetürk said Maysan Mando had made a $ 30 million investment in Bursa and added: Despite the shrinking world, we will continue to take responsibility for the development of our country and the sector. With new investments, we will make a significant contribution to employment as well as to the national economy. "

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