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A young woman revolves around the process: Should I die like Çule? Et?



Müjdat Çevik, one of the defendants to whom he was convicted without arrest, participated in the first hearing in the Istanbul Anatolian Supreme Criminal Court 1, while İsrafil Köksal, who was convicted without arrest, was absent. Songyul Bora, who was injured to influence his vital functions after an accident four years ago, was present at a wheelchair hearing. After the identification, the defendant was interrogated by Müjdat ikevik. He said he had met with Sungul Bora 1,5 years before the event and that he had begun to work in Song Yul Bora's office. Mudjat Chevik says he follows him because he is suspicious of Song Yul Bora's relationship with someone else when he learns that he is with someone else, they say they came home late at night after wandering. he argued, wandering late at night after returning home, he said.

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He woke up in the morning and went to work, 09:30 with the other defendant returning to the house with the defendant Isprafil Koksal Mudjat Chevik, opening the door locked with a screwdriver back in the house, Songyul Bora was drunk, he claimed to call his sister to comfort him.

It is said to jump from the seventh floor

Muadze Sheik, who said they were discussing with his sister who came home, said, "I have brought my sister to ardım and the door to the apartment was closed because of the wind. After 30-40 seconds, Isprafil excitedly opened the door and said that Songyul had thrown himself out of the balcony. The apartment we were on was on the 7th floor. We went downstairs, Sungyul breathed. We called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital. "

Songül's hospital just for 6 months has not left, saying that the cost of Müjdat Cevik, the other woman in the process left the son of Songul said. Muadze Sheikh claims they did not plan to kill Sunul Bora.


Sonul Bora, who received the declaration as a victim, claims that Muja Chevik has presented him as Denise. Müjdat Cevik, who defends the religious marriage with him, Songül Bora, after some time with another woman, learned that a 7-month pregnant woman with Müjdat Cevik said. They argued for this, claiming that Muja Chevik was threatened by Song Yul Bora, said they had returned home at around 3 o'clock in the morning, 08 They left the house at 8.00 am. I could not leave the house because he locked the door to me. After a while, Mujhat and Israffil came. I could not get in because I locked the door behind, I thought they would hurt me. They cut the theft and went inside. He threatened me, insulted me. I called my sister before they came. When my sister came, she immediately took my sister out of the apartment, saying she was going to talk. That's why I went to the balcony. Isprafil pushed me in the back, I stumbled. The second time pushed me hard from my back and I fell to scream. I was in the hospital when I opened my eyes.

The court rejected the prosecutor's request for an on-site visit. The court has decided to bring İsrafil Köksal forcibly to the next meeting and has rejected the lawyers' request for the arrest of the accused and postponed the hearing. Songül Bora and his lawyer Cesim Parlak made a brief statement to the court after the hearing.


Sonul Bora said he had fought for four years, I fought for four years, but they still waved their hands out of the courtroom. They wanted to kill me, but I did not die. I had to die like Çule to find justice Saying he was in a coma for months, Bora said that when I opened my eyes it was about six months. Then I made my first complaint. Three years later, my case was filed.

– They threw me off the seventh floor –

Claiming that the accused continue their lives as if nothing has happened, Bora said I want them to be convicted, I had to die to be sentenced. She said they threw me out of the seventh floor. Sulul Bora's lawyer, Cesim Parlak, said this case was another form of the Sule case. "Şule Çle died there but Songül Bora did not die here. I'm trying to cope with life. We require courts to be more sensitive to the issue of violence against women. We will continue our struggle for the heaviest punishment of the accused.


According to the indictment drafted by the Istanbul Anatolia Prosecutor's Office, the applicant, Songul Bora and the suspects, Mujat Chevik, lived together. On the morning of 23 December 2015, the suspects Müjdat ikevik and İsrafil Köksal went to the house where the Songül Bora and the Müjdat ikevik lived, the parties claiming that the sister Songül Bora was summoned to the house. İsrafil Köksal, who came out shortly thereafter, said that Sogul Bora had said he had committed suicide by jumping from the balcony.

The life functions of Songlu Bora will affect the quality of the information contained in the prosecution. Sunwale Bora's appeal, Isprafil Koxal, said he had pushed the balcony. In the indictment İsrafil Köksal and Müjdat ikevik are invited to be sentenced to 13 years and 20 years in prison for "attempted deliberate killing by designing Adam.


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