Friday , May 20 2022

According to purchasing power, Sort Turkey in Dear Drink European second-


According to data 2018 alcoholic beverages, the price index at a level in Turkey 163. this 28 EU countries bought at 100 euros for the same alcoholic will intertwine, 163 euros in Turkey means they can be bought with Turkish liras. Turkey's fifth in 37 European countries in this area. The most expensive beverage is in Iceland with 268 index points. The cheapest is in northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with 72 points.

Price index according to TURKACT; It is defined as an indicator of the purchasing power at the exchange rate of the national currencies of the countries. If the country price index is higher than 100, this country is defined as "a costly amount compared to the country average, and if it is less than 100, that country is expressed as" a cheap göre compared to the country average.

It's expensive in Turkey show that more than 63 percent compared to the EU average of alcoholic beverages.

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