Sunday , June 20 2021

And this has shown its effect: besides Istanbul …

Following the meteorological warnings, the expected snowfall in Malkara showed the night effect. The high parts of the area, where snowfall showed its effect, were covered with white tissue. The air temperature in the area is measured at 2 degrees.

And it showed the effect: on the part of Istanbul ...

In other news, authorities warned citizens about the possibility of a strong storm.


The warning made by the Directorate-General for Meteorology, "Boulder Mountain Boulder on Thursday, especially high Bolu, high and high east of Bursa in the high parts of Bilejik, is expected the snow cover to stay in places 5-15 cm, Bursa and Bilecik snowfall because of the citizens of ice, frost and transport and neglect, such as neglect, as the need to be careful and cautious, he said.

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