Tuesday , June 22 2021

Are Ipek and Okan loving in Istanbul? Big shock to Fikret! Watch the latest episode of the 69th bride of Istanbul!

After the three-week break, the series "Istanbul's Bride" was broadcast on Star TV with its long-awaited episode 69. The bride in Istanbul in 69, Gary and Esma Uludag went to a honeymoon. For a while, Esma, who forgot her illness, had romantic and pleasant moments with her husband, Garip.

After years of happiness to get love, while mothers got sick to learn Farouk, Fiction and Osman took new decisions. Farouk was asked by his mother to stay away from Sureya's host.

After Esma's disease, Borani are reunited.
Esma and Garip want to believe they will ease the difficult new era that they started by hand. Farouk tries to keep his balance, though difficult to deal with, and empowers himself with Surya. Surya is in conflict with the Dilactor while trying to confront her responsibilities. For Fekcreth, everything has become complicated. On the one hand, your mother's illness, the idea of ​​living in the manor house with Garip, on the other hand with İpek somewhat bogged down in your marriage, wanting to resume everything is not easy, but it's easy to start again

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