Thursday , August 18 2022

Armed attack on a taxi driver in Bayrampassa


The event, Terazidere Mahallesi Çiftehavuzlar, happened around 00:30.

The turquoise taxi driver Nihat Elci is supposed to bring a passenger from Besiktas to a taxi to Bayramasha. Here the suspicious person embraced Elci's car as a customer. After traveling with the vehicle for some time, the suspect who pulled out his gun fired a taxi driver Elci for an unspecified reason. After the incident, the suspect quickly moved away from the scene.


Medical teams from the scene brought a heavily injured taxi driver to a nearby private hospital. Elci was taken to the intensive care unit after the intervention and learned that his life-threatening condition continued.


Police searching for suspects everywhere Police teams, acting on notice, came to the scene and conducted investigations. The Bayrampasa Public Security Bureau and the Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs began working to catch the suspect escaping from the scene. The awful moments in the camera In the images reflected on the camera of the car, the suspicious person dressed as a customer sits in the back seat of the car and shot the taxi driver.

While the taxi driver Nihat Elci remains in the blood, the suspicious man looks at the front of the car. Then the suspect moves away from the scene.

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