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Ata Demirer: Cem Yilmaz is always a quota for me


"Kem Yilmaz, Senner Sheng and Metin Akpinar …"

Ata Demirer, guest of "40" Buket Aydin at CNN TÜRK, answered the question: una Do you have a name for yourself? Bir Cem Yılmaz emphasizes that for himself the quota is a determining factor for intelligence and quality. you always take it very seriously, "Demirer said, explaining the names that he cared about:" If I'm a Specialist Senner Saint and Metin Ackinar, I admire Sennar's filmmaking if we had such an opportunity. "Ertem Egilmez and Arzu Films are not easy. is trying to continue the main stream of veins, "he said.

"There is no competition between us"

"Do you have a rival?" Demirer asked, "There is no competition between us, you start competing with yourself after a while, trying to improve yourself." Originally Cem Yilmaz was, of course, mine. He is a very talented person, a special person, but when he begins to become himself, you feel the difference. Orum orum I am a musical comedian. When I felt the difference, I made some peace with myself, but Cem is still a standard for me both in cinema and on stage. found in the evaluation.

"I think it's right to compare"

The divisor, Yilmaz, said they had found the right comparisons, he said:

"Yes, it must be. Yes, this is the nature of the work, it is not wrong, but it seems to me technically correct, of course it is wrong, but that is the nature of the job.

2- Ata Demirer is apolitical? 40 replied

The famous actor, comedian and screenwriter Ata Demirer participates in the 40 programs offered by Ayden's bouquet at CNN TÜRK. For him, "Apolitical, without political jokes do not" answers the criticism. "If we do a cabaret policy, but politics does not stay away," he said.

Ata Demirer, Aydon Bouquet "You say you are apolitical, are you apolitical?" he answered:

"The cabaret must be politics, the cabaret is a social satirical model, but on the stage you go alone, no one has to say" tell this or say it ", you go for pure humor and you go to distribute it. I did not laugh in politics but not in the movie I do not use it when it comes to the ground I do not like to do it but I do not like to do it but I would like to do it if there was a cabaret – it's not like this – it's a single-handed game, it's a game of words in my pocket – I'm not a standing game. I give you these jokes, I can tell you that you can go every week with a different 11. Experienced story, the moment you want, I make the Demirera casino and it's inside.

3 – Ata Demirer "My goal is like: If someone else …

Ata Demirer, who plays the raw Zekeriya meatball player in My Purpose, is: "You will be in this beautiful geography, enough for Kizce Baruonu's geography for 2 hours with the cinematography of Burak Kanibir." I would go straight away, someone else would be jealous, "he said.

Ata Demirer, a prominent actor, comedian and screenwriter, will meet with the audience on November 30th – one of the stories he has accumulated for years. In the film, he writes the script in which the character of Çiğ Köfteci Zekeriya plays. He is accompanied by Dimet Akbug, Gonka Vulasteri and Ilker Axum and talks about the movie "40 with Bouquet Aydin" at CNN TÜRK.

"If anyone else is, I would be jealous"

For his movie, "Someone else would have been jealous of the comments," Demirer said,

"I love to tell the story once, it's a fairy tale, and on the way is a funny kid with a clarinet – it's a fairy tale, and for 2 hours Geokedada geography with the direction of Kivan Baruniu and Burak Kanibr" In short, Gökkeada himself enough, we will go into a very beautiful picture, a wonderful thing, it's already utopia, I love Italian films, deep shots, Zacharya is a very fun person and the other actors are right. This is something. I come straight away if someone else does it. It goes into a very beautiful utopia, with red flowers, spices, meatballs, fish, honey. It's so fun to see her in her glowing red. When I look at the script, I always see it in red. He's another man. He is in a beautiful world. Good and fun. "

4- Ata demirer marriage description

Ata Demirer participates in the 40 programs offered by Bouden Ayden at CNN TÜRK, "Do You Want to Marry Again?" answered the question. "I want to be sincere if you want to … Why do you want to ask that it's nice to come," he said.

Ata Demirer's statements about his personal life are as follows:

"Of course I do not know how I look from outside, I have to ask people around me, what kind of horse is Ata, an abandoned man?" I would like to say, "I'm not a very bored man when I was alone." I can cope with loneliness. 5 years and 3 years of marriage or something like this, but sometimes people fall into a void looking for things they do not usually do in experimental terms, and I'll get married if they want to be in love. – I want to know why you want. It is good to fall in love.

5 – Why did Ata Demirer answer the question?

Ata Demirer, guest of the 40-year-old Aydin Bouquet with CNB Turk, was the guest of "What Happened to You and Ferdy Tyfur?" He gave the question. "I do not want to be like rooting out the ridiculous things, so I'm going, or because it's not something I can not explain," Demirer said.

The famous actress, comedian and screenwriter Ata Demirer, Ferre Taylor's of Bouquet Aydon has a trial that is right, you are right, the event has led you to your benefit, why did you do something like this period Ferdi Tyfur? ? "I'm going to call this rust because it's a very tall, tiring and sad period I do not want to be under the absurd things like digging up again if I say something that will give unpleasant answers to the scene of my new movie, I do not want to live the same nightmare again. Or because it's not something I can not explain, "he said.

What happened between Demirer and Tyfur?

The detention process of Ferdy Tyfur and Ata Demirer was the start of the same program in 2009. It is alleged that Typhur talked about the Lambda Saz film project and offered Demirer the lead. Demirer asked the artist to send him the script. Three years later Demirer released the Berlin Tiger.

Tyfur, "I sent a script without permission from the quote," he judged. The famous comic rejects the request, Tyufurunnan said the script is reaching. The court found that Ata Demirer was right. The judge ruled that the scenario of the Berlin Tiger belonged to Demirer and that Tyfur had no rights to the film.

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