Wednesday , September 28 2022

Attention to toothache


Dentist Pobeda Cossack warned of a toothache that started at night.

Dentist Zafer Kazak: "In cases where tooth decay progresses, neural vascular packaging in the tooth can be affected and in some cases pain may occur," he said.

Dentist Zafer Kazak, who noted that toothache is caused by teeth, gums or bones, "First, the cause of the pain must be determined: pain, tooth decay, pressure of food caught between the two teeth, gum disease, cracks, gingivitis revealed in the roots The most common cause of toothache is the deep tooth decay that develops in poor oral hygiene, but the enamel, which is the outermost layer of the tooth, has no nerve, so we are not disturbed by external Many microorganisms that cause caries, the cure stimulates the development of severe and prolonged pain, pressure or pain occurs spontaneously during chewing begins may occur long-lasting pain " , he said.

"You may need to pull the tooth if it is not treated"

Uygulan This inflammatory condition leads to pressure in the neural vascular packaging in the teeth, especially at night, to wake up in a strong pulsing style. Cloves, garlic, alcohol, aspirin, etc. Methods do not work and are not recommended because they damage teeth and surrounding tissues. If the pain is caused by caries and caries progress to the nerve of the tooth, the tooth nerve may be alive for other reasons (trauma, tooth fracture, etc.). If it is lost, these teeth can be treated with "root canal treatment".

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