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August 2019 campaigns start at AkOK Ak indeed! SHOCK August 3, 2019 published catalog of current weekend products


ŞOK Running campaigns starting in August 2019! SHOCK August 3, 2019 published catalog of current weekend products

Shock Current Products campaigns will continue in August, pleased consumers. Şok Akuel has shared his first campaign for August 2019. We will meet you again this week on the shock market with attractive prices and quality products. One of the first addresses that comes to mind when it comes to affordable shopping is the Shock Current weekend Emine catalog will feed consumers with discounts. Shock August 3, 2019 a catalog of discounted products for you that we were looking for. Like every week, we share the product list with you in our news and get you up-to-date with discounted campaigns. If you are interested in answering the question OK What's in Shock Current this week, here are some special birbir products

SHOCK current discount campaign since August 3, 2019

Shock August 3, 2019 an up-to-date product catalog and one-page discount brochure will welcome you over the weekend. Don't worry that the catalog is one page, but there are dozens of products in it. Discounted products such as household and textile products during the new shock campaign week this week, digital scales 37.50 TL, double bath tub with 39.90 TL price are the most remarkable products. Şok An up-to-date, careful toilet bowl brush set that weights bathroom products in this catalog 8,99 TL, a careful multifunctional bathroom basket 4,99 TL, a small three-piece plastic strip basket, 3,99 TL , medium size basket with three piece plastic strap, 4.99 TL TL, triple plastic ribbon with large size individual 5.99 TL and careful types of brushes, you get what you get with the price of 3 TL.

August 3 Shock current product discounts

Shock Current August 3, 2019 There is also a textile campaign over the weekend with the catalog. Wooden hanger 6.99 TL, hanging rope overnight 14.95 TL, baby meat dress 9.99 TL, Pilsan truck and truck 17.95 TL with the price this week will welcome you with some of the products are. This week, the current catalog of $ 25 and more in your campaign products is waiting for you to shop again. Duru cologne varieties will reach you with 7 TL instead of 13,75 TL and Blendax shampoos with 7 TL instead of 10,90 TL. 5- If you shop for 25 TL or more on August 6, 2019, the traditional Black Sea Doğadan tea will welcome you with only 17 TL instead of 25 TL. August 3 Shock current products We reached the end of the products this week. Keep up with current Shok Market discount campaigns.


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