Wednesday , September 28 2022

Aykut Cocman: We were a little disappointed


Atikar Coyanport coach Ayut Kokman, Bursaspor made a statement after the draw. Big, Bursasporn also gave the power to the fans of their power said.

AIKUT COCKMAN: "We have taken the chance to move forward several times"

Atikur Coyanpor coach Ajout Cocman emphasized that both teams needed a strong victory. "Bursaspor is in a troubled position. The Bursa, with great power given by the support of a football city, has some weaknesses that we can take advantage of, "he said.


The first 25-30 minutes, as they think, said: "We have the opportunity to move forward, we did the results as we thought we did, we did everything on the case, and with the pressure they turned to longer and pushing passes. Bursaspor has had a very strong break with Bursaspor, but we have not been able to get very close to the net win in the final period of the game, and he is happy to come back without being defeated in a match, "he said. he.

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