Sunday , January 17 2021

Basakhehir has not made a mistake!

Sports Tote Super League at 19th week with Medipol Basaksehir, Kasimpasa, Basakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium. Basakşehir closely linked to the summit, Kasimpasa 2-0 wins and 2 points ahead of Galatasaray in second place finish to the leader.

  1. Medipol Başakşehir won the 12th victory in the goals, 42 minutes of Edin Visca and 84 minutes from Eljero Elia.

Following this result, Medipol Başakşehir increased its score to 41 and retained its leadership by 6 points. In the last 5 games Kasimpasa, who has 4 losses, fell to 7th with 29 points.

Superleague 20 week Medipol Başakşehir, away will be guest Akhisarspor "a. Kasimpasa will host Sivasspor on the pitch.

Minutes away from MATS

6. minutes Arda Touran passes through the cliché of the penal field, Visca is sent to the castle. This football goalkeeper Ramadan sent the ball to the corner in the last minute.
26. Visca uses the right corner to beat a minute. The defense of Arda Turan rises between the top of the car exit.
30. Caiçara went from the right line to the last line, and Arda Turan saw the back. The experienced player who controls the chest with his chest in a heavy shot Popov put the ball in the last minute.
38. İrfan Can centers in the corner of the hit per minute won. Epureanu 's good lift up from the head of the defensive ball to a victory pole with a small difference in the car.
42. minutes to the last row, making a strike with Robinho in Visca, crossing the ball in a very hard and smooth shot. 1-0

The Second half

48. minutes Robinho's nun passes into the penalty box with rusting hit Caicara ground, but the goalkeeper does not let Ramadan.
75. Sadiku met the rust of Trezege in the distance and hit hard in the distance. The keeper of Mert was able to score the ball into a corner.
76. minutes on the last line Pavelka pulled from his opponent and gave Heintz a pass. The player's hard-hit from the ground at the last minute of foot-step prevented the danger.
79. Elia from the defense of the long ball thrown to the left at the end of her left wing sent to Visca. Ramadan was successful again.
84. Bashkachevir, Kasimpasa's defense has caught up with several men. Visca, who met the ball on the right wing, saw Elia running behind the defense. This footballer took the difference with a rhythm of 2. 2-0

country: Fatih Terrim
Judges: Mete Kalkavan xx, Ceyhun Sesigüzel xx, Suleiman Ozai xx
This is m.başakşeh: Mert xxx, xxx xxx, xxx xxx, xxx xxx, xxx xxx xxx, Emre xxx, Mossoro xxx (Napoleon min 80 x), Visca xxx, Irina Can xx (Sonar Aydogdu min. 68 xx), Robinho xxx
Kasampasha: Ramadan xx, Popov x, Sadikou xx, Ben Youssef xh, Vienjo x (Free Czech min 85?), Pavelka xx, Tarkan x, Trezeu x, Edoux x (Alad Toptiki min 85?), Hayradinovich (Heinz min. 46 xx), Koita x
Goals: Visca (min 42), Elia (min 84) (M. Basaksehir)
Yellow cards: Visca, Epureanu (M.Basaksehir)


Sports Tote Superleague at 19th week, Kasimpasa was a guest on the new transfer of Medipol Basakhehir Demba Ba, took part in the team.

The Orange-Marine team last week for 2.5 years, including the Senegalese striker's team, was waiting for luck in reserve.

Medipol Başakşehir coach Abdullah Avci, Kasımpaşa's team against Mert Gunok, Caicara, Mahmut Tekdemir, Epureanu, Clichy, Emre Belozoğlu, Irfan Can Kahveci, Visca, Mossoro, Arda Turan and Robinho took first place.

Adebayor has no team

Medipol is not included in the match of Togo star Emanuel Adebayor in Basakshirehir.

Abdula Avci, who scored players without injury, did not play the game.

The stands are empty

Medipol Basaksehir and Kasimpasa played little interest in the fight between football fans.

About 4,000 football fans followed the rostrum.

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