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Besiktas transfer attack! Here are 4 stars on the list! – Beşiktaş News


The team before the new season; Tyler Boyd, Douglas and Pedro Rebochoila stepped up in black and white, continuing to press gas in the transfer. After Coach Abdulla Avci's report began work and expanded the target area due to injuries in a number of Austrian camps, the administration finally focused on 4 names. Hunter was keen to do intense work to transfer the left stopper Black Eagle, and Burak Yilmaz's injury after striker Loris Karisun was due to strengthen the castle about 1 month from the field. Besiktas also continues to work on young names. Here is the list of Eagle …


Vincent Abubakar, who wore a black-and-white T-shirt during the 2016-17 seasons, was again among the Black Eagle's transfer targets after Burak Yilmaz's injury. Cameroon footballer Sergio Conceichao's own club, which is not one of the squad's alternatives for returning the green light. Following this development, the blue-and-white first contact with the player through management, management, "€ 7 million was the answer. Besiktas, who wants to include the football player with the club by 2021 as a first-time contract, said that after that answer, trying to persuade Porto to buy an optional rental formula.


German Wings team Schalke & # 39; yle Yevhen Konoplyanka worked at the intersection for a long time, continued Black Eagle, the star's name of € 3 million, after demand for salaries for that player did not recede after the talks ceased. Following this development, the target of the Norwegian offense on the Moroccan wing of the Southampton Premier League team, Mohammed Elunoussi, is the reign of the 25-year-old player. Black and white, the official team will begin talks with the island in the new week has been expressed. Seville and experienced Celta Vigon radar player wants to go to Besiktas.


Tolga Sengingel continued to look for a new Turkish goalkeeper after separating black and white, Loris Karius, also accelerated his contacts after the injury. In that direction, the first goal of Bursaspor's young goalkeeper Muhammad Schengeser and Besiktas, this transfer came as rival Bashaksehir. Deciding to use good relations between the two clubs then managing development, Mohammed's transfer to Başakşehir does not prevent Volkan Babakan saying he would like to. Istanbul's Shadow Representative in the shadow of 31-year-old guard Gürtük reports that the transfer is positive.


While transfer work continues at full speed before the new season of Kara Kartal, management continues its efforts to rejuvenate aging staff. Extra ropes for Sports Toto Super League The 24-year-old Sivasspor player Emre Kılıç added goals to Besiktas, said the contact. In addition to the left wing in the middle of the midfielder and the right in the middle of the pitch for the young player, who can form a budget of 500,000 euros for management, this week is expected to start official talks with Sivasspor. A successful footballer at such a significant step in his career, he felt ready to move on to the recorded leadership.

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