Wednesday , September 28 2022

Beyazit Square will be organized by Turgut Cansever


From Istanbul's Bayazid Icon Square, Turkey has produced the important architect Turgut Cansever, the first competition was held in 1960, which will be based on his project.

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Ekrem Imaglu, mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), said Beyazit Square has been neglected for years and instructs its deputies to complete the work within six months. Imaglu walked out of the IMM building in Sarachane to Beyazit last night and received technical information from his assistants about the plans for the square.

Citizen: Victims; Imaglu: I'm a victim too

Meanwhile, a resident of the neighborhood for many years left idle stating that they were victims of the square because of Imamoglu's situation, "I'm also a victim. Annoying ” paid. Imaglu, who talks to traders and listens to their problems, said: Mi Is this city and its people persecuted? Pity. Behind the Beyazit Mosque, in front of Istanbul University. Bottom of the square tank See this. They set up a tent according to their heads. Table setting. Invite some experts. "This place ends in six months" Tell me.

Imogoglu also instructed to learn the status of the Beyazit mosque, which has been undergoing restoration for seven years while concrete was thrown outside the historic gate of Istanbul University. "This is your mind" He responds to the words.

Stating that they had considered the Turgut Cansever project, which was successful in the competition for the layout of the square, with their friends, İmamoğlu proceeded as follows: Parallel With this competition, we have the opportunity to finish fast here. They will meet the daughter of the deceased Turgut Bay. Our goal is to complete this place in a short time with the input of our many valuable advisers and to provide the region with tourism in a short time, to create an area where the people of Istanbul can come and enjoy the story with pleasure and anyone can to enjoy."

"You can't become mayor without going"

Imaglu, journalists, You have been wandering around on this holiday for the occasion. Especially on the squares. How do you see the table as a whole " He answered: "Garden. Aksaray, Yenikapi, even the surrounding area of ​​the municipality. The mayor will march. You cannot be mayor of a city without going. I will walk, see the problem. My friends will walk. "

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