Sunday , June 20 2021

BİM 15 February review of the current catalog! Great campaign for new products.

Offering dozens of products every week at affordable prices BIM in the chain of grocery stores, textile products from clothes to shoes, the product is available. In addition, these products include electronic products and glassware. here BİM 15 February 2019 discount from the current catalog of products all and review …

BİM Bluetooth speaker

SHOCK February 13 publishes a catalog of opportunities for the week! New products …


– In the category of furniture, I class is made of chipboard and has 2 compartments with shelves inside the doors with doors. Multifunctional wardrobe.

A101 Multifunction cabinet

– Automatic hot water retention for tea drinks and a 0.7 liter glass kettle Conti Tea Machine.

BİM current products

– Poor quality with two-stage adjustable speed and stainless steel Rhapsody Blender Set only 139.00 TL.

Bad set of mixers

– Safe and easy to clean with hidden resistance and dual metal control system offering dual waterproof protection Water heater Boiler Premier 49.90 TL

– Automatic channel update and display with 9 different frame splitting features Hometech Scart Satellite Receiver.

– FM radio, preferred by music lovers, USB memory and rechargeable battery via Micro Sd card Bluetooth speaker only 39.90 TL.

– 39 smd LEDs, 120 mAh battery and 2 types of lighting Işıldak 29,90 TL.

BİM 15 February 2019 Catalog of current products

* Among textile products;

– Digital printed shepherds Bathroom without carpet carpet.

Kappa Women's Terminals for Women.

Kappa Unisex thermal blouse.

Men's casual shoes.

– Painting with polyester coating.

– Welsoft clothing.

– Person with one person tiled bed 17.50 TL.

– Double tilted sheet with tent 19,90 tent.

Current opportunities

* Among products made of glassware;

– Lav Venus 6-hour tea cup with lime 14,50 TL

– 12 rolls of jugs in different designs.

– Hisar Optima 6 Teaspoons of stainless steel are 12.90 TL.

Tea cup with lava 6 $.

– Glass metal napkin.

BIM Textile Products

Kiwi digital kitchen scales.

– Cookies.

– Mixer Container with Cab Cab Cover of 7.95 TL.

– Boss TLS Granite Effect Cake Pattern.

– Round pan with granite effect.

– Cake tray 18,90 TL.

– Cake covered in different colors.

– Stand for Stand for Stand 12,90 TL.

– Fruit knife with 3 pieces of ROOC.

* Also;

24 pieces Submarine, animals, penguin, princess thematic giant puzzle 12,50 TL.

BİM glassware

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