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BİM Product Catalog August 6, 2019 Week Recommendations Discounts are Online! What's up at BİM this week?


BİM Product Catalog August 6, 2019 Week Recommendations Discounts are Online! What's in BIM this week?

Catalog of current BİM products Campaign proposals for the week begin on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. The BİM market, which pleased consumers with surprising products and enjoyable discounts, also attracted attention with affordable prices, giving importance to the family budget, prepared its campaign Tuesday with the theme for care products. Women who need care products before Eid al-Adha will be able to meet all their needs in the catalog in an affordable way. At the same time, the campaign's products consist entirely of well-known brands. We have thoroughly examined the answer to the question of what is happening at BİM this week for our valuable visitors. August 6th You can find details on the discount opportunities that come with BİM's current product catalog.

BİM Current Catalog of 6 August 2019

BİM Product Catalog August 6, 2019 As mentioned, there is a campaign for personal care products this week. The BİM market, which bears its name with its cosmetic and beauty products campaigns, offers special products for those who do not neglect their personal care before Eid al-Adha. BİM Current this week, Rebul EDP Eau De Parfum 100 ml 19.95 TL, Adidas After Shave 100 ml 12.95 TL, Adidas Deodorant 150 ml 12.95 TL, NatureLove 24.95 TL, Max Factor Mascara 24.95 TL, Hygienic Pad Daily 6.50 TL, Platinum Hygienic Pad 11.95 TL, Daily Hygienic Pad Scarlett 3.95 and Pad Box 2.75 TL at affordable prices. Other products that are among the discounts in the well-known chain of stores that do not recognize competitors in the discount are as follows: Elidor 650 ml shampoo 15,90 TL, Vi-Vet granulated car mask set 250 g 19.95 TL, Sleepy Baby Care Cover 9.95 TL, LPM Shower Gel 2 × 250 ml 14.50 TL, Lionesse Baby Comb and Brush Kit 9.95 TL, Baby Care Kit 5.95 TL, Baby Soap 7.95 TL, Vione Foam Soap 250 ml 7, 95 TL, Wound Megaplast Ribbon 2.95 TL, Softem Coconut Oil 150g 17.95 TL, Mini Bag 6.95 TL, Colgate Toothpaste 130g 9.95 TL, Colgate Toothbrush + Whitening Pen 39 95 TL and EliAps Comb 7, with a price of 95 TL.

BİM 6 August 2019 product catalog features

BİM Current Directory August 6, 2019 and cleaning products and special products for Eid al-Adha. The list of products that will be sold at discounted prices this week at BİM Current is as follows: Omo Liquid Washing Machine 1950 ml + Yumoş 1008 ml 37.90, Tursil Washing Powder 6 kg 24.95, Joint Cleaner Hyper Active 1000 ml 7.95, Ultra Washing Machine Domestos Juice 2000 g + CIF cream 1500 ml 20,90, WC fragrance Bref 9,75, detergent for wood and hard surfaces Fakir Magic 1000 ml 5,95, bleach curtain for tulle and laundry Bind Activat 500 g 4.95 , Dolphin ML 3.95 Nitrile Glove, Tile Wash Gel Bee 750 ml 5.95, Parex Jumbo Durable Garbage Bag Size 6.95 TL. With this product catalog, the renowned grocery chain continues to collect products from one another and provide a discount on refrigerated packages where you can place sacrificial meat during the new week. If you do not want to miss the BİM Market discount products, you can follow us regularly and stay informed about discount campaigns throughout the week.

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