Thursday , August 18 2022

Binal Yildrim handed over many powers


Parliamentary President Binali handed over a lot of his powers to MEPs, the Secretary General and other officials of the Grand National Assembly to speed up the functioning of the Assembly and reduce the President's workload. The transfer process at the back of the screen flashing in the case of Istanbul, if the applicant wants to disrupt Parliament 's work, is interpreted as.

According to Milliyet, Parliament Speaker Yildirim, November 26, 2018, "Signing the Presidency and Presidency Organs of the Presidency and the TGNA Authorization," signed with the signing of the directive.

The purpose and scope of the Directive are described as "principles and procedures for the full and effective use of the powers of signature". After being parliament speaker, Yildirim wants to speed up the bureaucracy of parliament, and the chairman of the assembly's "signing" of many of the signatories has been learned to have done. "Reduce the burden," Yildirim said, many of the powers of MEPs, the Secretary-General and other units responsible for preparing the agreement.


It is said that this attitude of Yıldırım in parliamentary behind-the-scenes situations is due to the fact that the candidacy of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is almost certain.

Yıldırım, who will run a campaign and a campaign in Istanbul with his candidacy, commented that he did not want to spend enough time in the work of the Assembly until the date of his election on 31 March 2019 and that he did not want to have a negative impact on Parliament's work .


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