Wednesday , June 16 2021

Brief 10 free games and Android apps

For Android users, good news came again. For some time, some apps and games were free. Here's a list of some of these games and games. You only need to hold your hands fast and the orders will be paid again after a while.

The new year continues to tremble for smartphone users. Play and save your apps for successive Google Play store store discounts at the beginning of the store. The Play Store, which makes Android users laugh with many different discounts since the beginning of the year, offers a new campaign. If you own an Android device, you should definitely review this list because this campaign will only be available for a short time.

Total Media Player Pro

Normal price: 9.99 TL

One of the best video playback applications, Total Media Player Pro, which is one of the best video applications for watching movies, live streaming and sports events in Android video players, took its place in the stores for a short time. You only have 2 days to get this quality app for free. In this app where you can use ads without ads, you do not have to download an additional app to track your content. It offers a wide range of user-friendly features such as video enhancement, subtitle enhancement, and supports multiple extensions such as mp3, mp4, mov, flv, avi.

  • Total Media Player Pro


MIDI Voyager Pro

Normal price: 26,99 TL

MIDI Voyager Pro in another application, free for 1 day in the Play Store It happens. MIDI Voyager Pro, which combines music and karaoke experience with enhanced lyrics, turns sounds into images with unique visual effects. If you are one of those who love to do music from your phone, you can get this app, which is very popular free of charge in one day.

  • MIDI Voyager Pro


QR Code and barcode scanner – English – PRO

Normal price: $ 1.99

This Turkish language application will be paid again within 4 days. This app, which can read the QR codes that work in our daily lives by pre-informing users about their content, lets you store all the information as an embedded connection, business card, text, SMS, phone number to the phone.

  • QR Code and barcode scanner – English – PRO


Endless paint

Normal price: 17,99 TL

Those who love painting who want to shape their thoughts, creative people, this app is for you. Unlimited zooming, size-limiting drawing board with great environments to attract your mind to life, the app will be available for free for 6 days in the Play Store.

  • Endless paint


Calculator of Complex Numbers

Normal price: 11.99 TL

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, as areas of complex numbers and formulas drown if you can not compute a kind of all these operations to do this is an easy application. This smart calculator gives you the ability to calculate calculations and trigonometry in many different subjects, and it is a very successful helper for both students and employees. The app will last for 7 days free of charge for users.

  • Sophisticated Numeric Calculator Polar Complex Calc


CashKnight (Soul Event version)

Normal price: 37,99 TL

This article from our list has news for game lovers. Funny game is the new version of CashKnight Soul Event, It is temporarily available to Android users for free. Equipped with new weapons and armor, the game also allows users to communicate with each other. Games with enthusiasts who want to get the application for free have only 6 days.

  • CashKnight (Soul Event version)


Age of rivals

Normal price: $ 1.99

This strategic game, which can be played with one or two people, is among the popular games with rapidly changing game dynamics and fun structure. Age of rivals, where there are 2000 cards with different characters, can be played online or offline. If you want to participate in the fun, you can play this game for 6 days for free.

Caveman Chuck Adventure

Normal price: 13.99 TL

For those who love platform games, it's time to go to the Stone Age. In this admirable game where a caveman named Chuck is the main character, you can enjoy the adventure of the past. If you want to save Chuck, who lives in a cave with his family, from his wife who has failed in his missions and save the food from his wife, you can download the game for free. Please keep in mind that this campaign is only valid for 2 days.

  • Caveman Chuck Adventure


Hunt for the Lost Treasure

Normal price: 18.99 TL

Designed with great graphics for adventure game lovers, this game will appear on the Play Store for free for 7 days. As you explore pirate sheep, ancient temples and beautiful landscapes, you will have to solve puzzles in adventures. The game is available in Turkish, In search of the lost treasury You can download both phones and tablets.

  • In search of the lost treasury


The lone hacker

Normal price: 18.99 TL

Hacker has been a very popular profession in recent years. Would not you like to experience this experience in the game? In the game that includes the Turkish option as a hacker yourself, you drive in order to hack different games. This fun and different game, which is quite positive, is available to all Android users for free in 7 days.

In the Google Play Store Discount Campaign, we've listed some useful apps and fun games that we've chosen for you. Since discounts continue to appear in stores, we will continue to share the latest news with you. Continue after Webtekno to avoid free or reduced apps and games.

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