Wednesday , June 16 2021

Can Cosmic Trash Be Reduced Using 3D Printers?

Today there is an idea from MIT about the space traces, which begin to express themselves more: 3D printers. Today's and future technology can be called 3D printers, not just Earth, but space for saving.

Scientists are becoming more and more concerned about space waste every day. The concept of space garbage is the return of artificially constructed bodies (such as satellites) in orbit around the Earth. About 5,000 spacecraft, whose dimensions are more than 1 meter, are moving around the orbit of our world. Perhaps there are tens of thousands that are smaller than these. All of these wastes are a serious problem for spacecraft as well as the launch of new satellites. It also makes traveling in space difficult.

Researcher Daniel Wood, from the Media Lab, Massachusetts, made a statement on how to reduce the amount of space waste. At the same time, this statement mentions that a wide variety of nations can participate more easily in space technology. "All the operations we do in space are of interest to everyone on earth," he said.

wood To deal with the cosmic problem using satellite technology such as 3D printers, it is cheaper to conduct satellite operations in space. Our current approach is to design and build spacecraft in the world. In the future, we can imagine small factories in space found expressions.

This method prevents garbage when the satellite is out of life. The satellite can be divided into smaller pieces and reused or fused into the raw material for the 3D printer. In this way, both less junk can be removed and cheaper satellites made.


A well-known brand of sportswear under armor to produce cosmic clothes for Virgin Galactic

The tree and other ideas are related to the fuel used in spacecraft. We use incredibly toxic rocket fuel to launch a spacecraft now. Perhaps this is a poisoning of our atmosphere. Many scientists are currently trying to reduce the amount of fuel used but the tree has a more radical idea: araç Can we choose the fuel used in spacecraft? The answer to the question.

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