Sunday , July 3 2022

Can Yaman say goodbye to Erkenci Kuş via Instagram message


Starring episode 51 Maybe Yamanthanks to everyone who contributed to the series by posting a message on their social media account.


Can Yaman, an Instagram account published in the article, "The screen of early birds, but I don't know if it's a very tricky chemistry to get a bahay bahay bah, we've got a lot of extra sacrifice in each scene when we have to close a lot of gap, together with the aura to increase the energy of everyone on the set I want to thank Demet Yozdemir, my partner who made his work more enjoyable and always laughs at his jokes and the path is incredibly open. amazing thing, i'm very proud that it was given to us, i love you all, never leave us alone, "he said.

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