Friday , May 20 2022

Canevim 6th New Trailer Episode Published? Canevim 5. Watch the last episode


Canevim's fifth episode was broadcast on the ATV screens. Arras Aydin, Bearan Damla Yilmaz and Ozgur Chevik in the last part of the series; The "happy" days of the engagement of Ceylan and Omar were ruined when Christina knocked on her doors. Cristina's baby in her belly and Omer's story about her life in the ghetto create great questions in Ceylan's mind and her family. Canevev 6 new episode trailer posted? Here's the last link to Canevim's fifth episode …

In the last part of the series Canevim; While everyone is trying to support Ceylan, they are trying to figure out if this girl, who they first saw in their lives, tells the truth. Omar, on the other hand, is ashamed of this anger with this great slander. To get cleaned in everyone's eyes, he'll either make Christina tell the truth or reveal the main man behind him. Tailan's story is devastating for Ceylan. Taylan sees a great opportunity to get closer to Ceylan as he fills every gap to ensure that the steps of his challenging plan work properly.


Canevim's new episode has not yet been published, but you can watch it as soon as it's published.



Omar's farewell message on his phone troubles Ceylan. He can not get to Omar. While Ceylan pursues the person he loves, Talen enjoys a step-by-step approach to his goal. Ömer is trying to get out of the difficult situation and get to Ceylan.

On the other hand, the demolition of the Sevki store in Elvan placed the family under a new debt burden. While the family is struggling with financial problems, a new situation for Ayse is very upset and adds a new emotional dimension to the relationship between Elvan and Ayse. Mijan has just learned that Aeshe is the daughter of her sister. He starts asking questions to understand the inside of this incident.

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