Sunday , January 17 2021

Cem Yılmaz: If labor is sacred, everyone's labor is sacred; there is no discrimination

Corporate Affairs Director of CGV Mars Group Aslı Irmak Acar ini after the statements made by the cinema chain, the production of unfair profit of Cem Yilmaz thinking that poppy There is no real discrimination. I am a person who can worry about someone else. I will not enlighten my power if anything has to be challenged

Yilmaz gave an interview for Molatik, "Acar" Cem Yilmaz, if Cem Yilmaz is no different, they will find the drawer if the film does not shoot, "he said.

What upset me most during this discussion was to make me look as if I'm too concerned. Exactly the opposite. As a person against this completely, especially when I am a subject, I am against. I'd rather be as entertaining as I am. I think I have the ability to figure out if a word is a joke. So I can joke with a joke, but it is very clear that this is not a joke. Roughness and indiscretion are something I do not like. What is the reaction of the people who are exposed to rudeness, I show it

If work is blessed, is not it sacred?

Yilmaz answered all questions about answering questions that focused on one topic for all producers and audiences:

The magazine side of this business. I will say something rude about this: I am the last hole of a zurna, I have no title. When we talk about cinema, people, producers, bosses are mentioned. Since I'm not sitting clearly in any of these categories and on the pages of the magazine, the boss and the salt are close to the livestock and cigar area, that's where they beat me so easily. There are workers who have problems in the sector, and I do not like to paint a table, as if there were salty bosses. If labor is sacred, everyone's labor is sacred. There is no way to discriminate. I am a person who can worry about someone else. If anything has to be challenged, I will not enlighten my power. We want to see our movie soon. You must do everything you can to do this or not be forced. I should not have the feeling that others should not be watched for watching my movie.

Cem Yılmaz explained the following about the production process of the films: ayı şu There is a country in favor of some commercial films. Everyone has the right to adopt his law, to make better money … Like, is that undesirable? That's all I want from my friends and audience. If movies do not make money, how can we expect better movies? But the answer to this question is: ben cem abi you took it again! The audience pays a considerable sum of money for the movie ticket. I wrote twitter Twitter, but that was the right idea: Do you have a ticket for this? That's fair. Because I think the audience sacrifices. He gets out of his house and gets a ticket. That's his relationship with me. I find it unpleasant when this person uses another mechanism. Cinema is a totally different business. I'm a completely different structure. In my small room, when I write in my home, I think I'm making art, but work is becoming an economy suddenly. These things will work, but if I feel there is something odd about it, I can take my movie and visit Anatolia in the palace theater. I am an emotional person. But the mechanism is not such. Some say, "Hey" Where were you when our movies were not in the halls? I was on my laptop, I was writing a movie. Is this the question of asking me?

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