Wednesday , August 17 2022

CEO of Huawei: HongMengOS, faster than others


After Donald Trump announced last week that Huawei could continue to work with North American companies, Google will allow Huawei to use Android but that will not prevent the Chinese company from developing its own operating system, HongMengOS.

Following the US sanctions against Chinese technology giant Huawei, we heard many improvements over Huawei's own operating system – HongMengOS. Trump, who said he had no problem doing business between Huawei and US companies in this trade war between the US and China, replied Huawei's chief executive.

Google will continue to support Android after announcing Donald Trump for Huawei, but Ren Zhengfa said they have not stopped developing their own operating systems and have made big claims. Saying that their operating systems will be faster than Android, Ren said they will be faster than MacOS. This may mean that HongMengOS is also available for computers.


The new operating system Huawei OS HongMeng presents next month

We have already heard that HongMengOS is fast and we know it will appear on many different devices, but the most important thing we really want to know is when the operating system will be available. We expect the new operating system to make a release at the Huawei Developer Conference.

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