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"CHP will go to the elections"

Meral Akchener: CHP voters will go to the elections

GOOD Party President Meral Aksener, "2 million 780 thousand CHP voters in a study in Istanbul, the district seems to have gone to the election." 3 million 700 thousand soon did not go to voters AK party, "he said.

WALL – BEST chairman Meral Akchener, the country's cabin presidency of a party at a hotel in the Safranbolu area, spoke on the Iftar program. Akshener said they had never said anything at the local elections they had abandoned, wanted from the citizens, supported the party if they supported the elections, not forgetting that friendship and friendship should not be forgotten.

Aksnerer said everyone had asked the elections to take place in Istanbul and that everyone was informed that Eskem Imamoglu would win.

Aksener, who protects the country's economic crisis, criticizes the government's foreign policy through the C-400 missiles.


Akseneer stressed that Ekrem Imamoglu is a candidate of 16 million Istanbul and everyone has to take care of him and said: çık In a study we made in the district of Istanbul, it seems that 2 million 780,000 voters. 3 million 700,000 soon did not go from the party's voters. CHP members go to the newsletter together to ensure. You will also look for 3 million 700,000 voters from the AK party one by one. You will ring the door cymbals and say that you strive for their voices

Akshener, who claims a very ugly language will continue to resume in the elections, recalled the statements by the Mayor of Esenler Tevfik Gyoks and said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should remove the president or resign.

Akshener stressed that they would talk about things in the next month Ramadan until these people ordered, and asked the members of the room not to break their brotherhood, neighborhoods and friendships.

Akshener finished his remarks, saying that Safranbolu's Mayor Elief Kossze would succeed and that he had seen his youth in it.

Deputy Hussein Ani Aksoy, Elif Kosse and party members participated in the program.

Aksener also visited the party chairman Karabük after a period of conversation with the party that left the city. (Karabuk / A)

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