Monday , October 3 2022

Citus Data, founded by Turkish entrepreneurs, was acquired by Microsoft


2019 began quite well for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey. Turkey also founded a co-founder of two software companies in Turkey Citus dataAcquired by Microsoft. In particular, last year, global giants, Turkey has made a record number of purchases can be considered an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is very pleasant to hear about such a purchase before the new year to finish its first month.

Citus The data we first transferred to you in 2015 is a software company founded by Umur ukubukçu, Özgün Ali Erdogan and Sumedh Pathak. So far, one of Gmail's founders, Paul Bachett, has managed to collect approximately $ 13.2 million from a group of investors.

Situated as an innovative extension to PostgreSQL, an open source database management system that meets SQL standards, Citus Data offers a scalable, flexible and seamless PostgreSQL extension service instead of installing the database from scratch, thanks to the technology developed. When companies use Citrix Data, a PostgreSQL open source extension, they can take advantage of the latest innovations in PostgreSQL and continue to take advantage of distributed database performance.

Citus Data is currently using PostgreSQL, as well as Fortune 100 companies; This is a scalable and highly productive manual that reduces the load.

We can not share any information on this issue because we do not have a formal statement about the financial dimensions of the acquisition, but Citus Data's customers are Cisco, Bloomberg and Migros. Microsoft, who bought GitHub for $ 7.5 billion last year, made another move against AWS and continues to strengthen its open-source muscle.

Citus Data, which has a staff of 35, together with its founding team, will continue to offer its services under the auspices of Microsoft and will make life easier for companies.

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