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Cradle: 1 – BB Erzurum: 1 | Result of the match

Burak Yilmaz took a yellow card at 38 minutes, crashing into the situation. Caner Erkin's 59 minutes in the striker's match, the 20th week of the Antalyaspor match will not be in the team.

The second half began with Besiktas. With the influential play of Ljajic Black and White, they made dangerous attacks; But as the first half of goalkeeper Sheich in the second half of the castle deviated. Goalkeeper of Bosnians 64 minutes before shooting; After 5 minutes of play on the BB Erzurumspor. Dorugan sent the ball into their net in an interesting way.

At 78, Dorjuhan appeared again on the stage. Adem Ljajic's intimate midfielder on the right side to the front mast led the score and the score was 1-1.

Ricardo Quaresma struck for 87 minutes in the game and returned to the action. The match ended 1-1.

Following this result, Besiktas scored 30 points and BB Erzurumpor increased to 17. Besiktas, match 4 more than the order; BB Erzurumspor rose to 15th place.

Minutes away from MATS

3. "Ljajic hit the ball in the penalty area on the left and hit the pole hard. The smallest was.

8 Besiktas came in danger. Adem Liaichchen's attack on the left left the ball Burak Yilmaz. The goalkeeper returned from Sheikh and asked the ball to finish Ljajic near the left front line. The circle of leather moved from top to top.

32. "Quaresma, the punishment hit the front line." Goalkeeper Sheikh took the ball from the top corner.


56. "Rashad Muhammad, right in the box and crossed with keeper Karius" crossed the position hard. "Besiktas's German goal keeper saved the ball with his feet at the last minute and prevented the absolute goal.

59. Burak shot his head straight in the middle of Adam Ljajic, the smallest.

64. Quaresma, Necip's sent to the castle outside the right foot of the ball left the penalty, and goalkeeper Sheichh sent the corner in the right corner, and the Quareshma punishment from the left was used in the corner.
Doherhan's head again did not allow goalkeeper Sheich. Gokhan Gonul's back pocket on the back of defense is far from defense.

⚽️69. "Dorukhan (own goal)
Annie evolved BB Erzurumspor attack Scuk & un Cezazahası outside the hard blow Necip wanted to remove the ball. However, close to the penalty point near the left pillar, Dorian Besiktas's nets met with the ball.

71. "BB Erzurumspor entered into force The sudden evolution of the visiting team's team last in the penalty shoot-out to Emra Bashan remained, and this player's shot hit the ball just above the left pillar.

Current 78. Dorugan Tokos
This time, Besiktas players sent off their opponents and brought the score to 1-1. The right wing of Adam Ljajic's prison, the head of Dorujan pierced the center of the left pillar.

87. Besiktas left 10. Ricardo Quareschma, who grabbed the ball from his opponent in the right wing near the crown line, was sent from the game directly by Judge Mustafa Oretrenoglu in the back of the Leo AC judging.


STAT: Vodafone Park
Judges: Mustafa Ogretnoglu, Mustafa Emre Aesio, Samet Chavus

Besiktas: Karius, Gökhan Gönül, Necip Uysal, Isimat-Mirin (Dk 46 Mustafa Pektemek), Adriano (Dk 78 Larin), Medel, Dorian Tokos, Lens, Ljaic, Quaresma, Burak Yilmaz

BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYE ERZURUMSPOR: Sekk, Toga Ulu (Dk 85 Kanstrup), Egem Korkmaz, Lokman Gore, Leo, Skak, Ibrahim Aqdag, Thailand Antalya, Emra Bashan, Shunou (Dawk 79 Horses), Rashad Muhammad (Dk 68 Opseth)

OBJECTIVES: Min. 69 Dorukhan Toköz (own purpose) (Erzurumspor municipality), Dk. 78 Dorujan Tokos (Besiktas)
RED CARD: Min. 87 Holiday properties in Quaresma (Besiktas)

Yellow cards: Min. 33 Necip Uysal, Dk. 38 Burak Yilmaz, Dk. 63 Dorukhan Toköz, Dk. 73 Medel (Besiktas), Dk. 72 Lokman Gore, Min. 83 Tolga Unla, Dk. 85 Cehic, Min. 90 Opseth (Capital City of Erzurum)

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