Monday , October 3 2022

Crytek plans to make a game using SpatialOS


Crytek will develop a new AAA game using SpatialOS. SpatialOS, which is becoming more and more popular these days, is a blessing for preparing for online games.

Crytek, the developer of the Crysis series and the Hunt: Showdown game that was open for early access, is working on a new AAA game. The new game is made through SpatialOS, a cloud platform for Improbable multiplayer.

Crytek We do the game with SpatialOS and our own game engine, CryEngine. coming soon uses more but does not give more information.

In the same statement, Crytek also said he has prepared a spatial games development kit for CryEngine: – We have made some progress. Automaton, the developer of CryEngine, has created its own open-source integration in SpatialOS for Mavericks: Providing the ground, the impending battle for 1000 grand pianists. SpatialOS is used in BOSS Studio's MMO Worlds Adrift.

SpatialOS can be used in all games that provide real-time support, from 2 to 10,000 people with a specific start and end. SpatialOS games for PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS and Android can also be developed. In this way, games can be played on all platforms with support for different platforms.


New VR game by Crysis producer

Developed by Improbable, SpatialOS has recently appeared in the news often. This was mainly due to the fact that SpatialOS violated Unity's terms of service. That's why game developers worried they would not be able to develop SpatialOS games on the Unity platform, but these issues were resolved later. SpatialOS no longer violates the Unity Terms of Service.

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