Saturday , August 13 2022

Denizli, mother of three, was shot and shot at the beginning


The mother of 3 children in Denizli, a 35-year-old woman was shot in the head at home. Terrible incident, 3 people in front of the house to the kitchen mask kitchen confessed.


According to information obtained from the incident, the city of Sarayköy took place in the Tepekoy neighborhood. Allegedly, Osman Gencer (18), who works in Sarayköy, heard gunfire from home when he visited his mother. Again, it was alleged that Osman Gencer, 3 people who escaped from the house saw the house. Entering the house quickly Osman Gencer, his mother saw Rahime Gencer's blood in the home kitchen.


Osman Gencer reported the situation to the police team, then told his father Musa Gencer in the field. The gendarmerie team arrives at the scene and decides that Rahime Gencer was shot in the head. After the investigation, Rahime Gencer's corpse was removed from the morgue of the Pamukkale University School of Medicine. Large-scale security measures at home and around the team, to investigate people who fled doing research. Gencer's relatives suffer from nervous news. Grandma Gencer, "A Rahimem, where have you gone?" Regarding the incident, Musa Gencer, his son Osman and his brother from Moses Gencer Mehmet Gencer were taken to the police station for their statement to be taken.

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