Friday , June 18 2021

Do not be Alzheimer when using deodorant

Dr. Fikret Kaya gave information on the issues to be taken into consideration when purchasing deodorants and perfumes. Some people may be sensitive to antiperspirants or deodorants, especially in armpits. Fikret Kaya, "Reactions such as irritation or redness can be seen. Sensitivity to antiperspirants or deodorants is mainly due to the reaction against other components such as perfume, alcohol or aluminum salts added to mask body odor. It is claimed that aluminum-based compounds will have estrogen-like effects by absorption from the skin. Because estrogen can stimulate the development of breast cancer cells, it is believed that the development of cancer may play a role in aluminum compounds

Alzheimer-Alzheimer's disease

Dr Fikret Kaya gave the following information: Aluminum is one of the risk factors for the development of Alzheimer's disease. As with parabens, due to the oral and environmental exposure to aluminum, it is difficult to determine the relationship between this disease development and the use of anisotropes and deodorants.

Reducing total aluminum exposure may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Carcinogenic active substances in the content of deodorants, ammonia, formaldehyde, Quaternary-18, BHT and BPA for odor, FDC blue-1 for coloring, FDC yellow-5, FDC green-3, DC red-33, DC green-5, FD Cred-4 FDC yellow-6 can also be found. Some products that we apply directly to our skin can enter our body directly through our capillaries due to its high permeability. If it contains a toxic and carcinogenic substance, we will also take these harmful substances into our body. It is especially necessary to avoid various toxic chemicals such as methylene chloride, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, ethylene glycol added to the odor.

Substances to be considered when choosing deodorant

Skin Specialist Fikret Kaya lists the issues to be considered when choosing a deodorant:

The first consideration is that your deodorant does not contain deodorizing aluminum components. Aluminum is absorbed into the blood and accumulates in the body. It is believed that this can lead to Alzheimer's disease. If the label for deodorant contains methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl, butyl, do not take it. They are called parabens and contain a lump of toxic petrochemical derivatives. Makes you drunk or swallowed. Even skin contact is quite effective. Negative results were observed for reproductive functions in frequent talline exposure. It is supposed to do with estrogen-like effects. It is also known that parabens are responsible for the development of cancer for more than 10 years. Triclosan is considered to be a type of pesticide called Tr. It is stored in the fat cells. May cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis. As a result, you should read the label of deodorant or antiperspirant. Select herbal glycerol, bioflavanosides and products containing natural materials such as lichens, herbs or herbal extracts, ionized water and distilled water, green tea, aleopea and baking powder

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