Monday , June 14 2021

Does Berna's muffins visit the forbidden apple?

On Monday, the popular The Forbidden Apple series made a surprising transfer of actors. Bernhard Keckler, who was present in Survivor and detention, said he had joined the employees of Prohibited Apple. Who is Berna Keckler? Here are the details …

Berna Keklikler joins Survivor TV8's detention and screens. Bernhard Keklickler is included in the series "Prohibited Apple" starring Sevval Sam, Talat Bulut and Eda Eche.


The social media set shares Keklikler photos, "Seth did not visit her visit.


Bernhard Keklickler, one of the most discussed participants in the competition, was born in Germany and has lived in Istanbul for 3 years with her brother. Keklikler, who teaches economics, has won Miss Turkuaz Germany in Germany, is interested in music, crisis and swimming. Bernhard Keckler was born on February 25, 1989, one of the most prominent contenders in the Survivor 2017 volunteer team. He grew up in Germany, Bernhard Kekliklear modeled. Surviving Bernka Keklique, winner of the Miss Turkuaz beauty contest in Germany, has a 1.76kg Berna Keklikler 61kg. Bernhard Kekliklear, Pisces, drew attention to her tense structure in the Goethe contest and to the discussions she had with other competitors.

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