Monday , May 16 2022

Emre Yetkin Wife Burcu Biricik & Bikini Attendees Serious Magazines Appeared


A beautiful actor on the screens Connect directly with BurcuAdvertiser's wife Connect directly with Emre& Quot; S & quot ;. basementenjoys a holiday in Turkey. Before the opening of the summer season Europe He made a tour, then continued his vacation in turning the Aegean coast of Turkey.


After a busy season, Birchu Birik, left in the cool waters of the Aegean Sea. Emre Yetkin, who preferred to bake in the sun on the pier while his wife Burcu Biricik noticed the magazines.


Emre Yetkin, his wife Burku Birik, after warning him that the magazines themselves were attracting Birik as he left the sea, turning to magazines, "I'm out, are you ready?" she cried.

– NEVER stop.

Emre Yetkin, on the other hand, rebelled against journalistic insight into Instagram's stories section in his social media account. Etkin, "stands constantly, never stops constantly, and after taking 2-3 frames we have to leave," he warned.

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