Sunday , June 13 2021

Erdogan signed: 4 new faculties were created, 3 colleges were closed

With the President's decision, published in the State Gazette, 4 new faculties were set up at the Abantz Vyz Baisal University in Bolu and the Yalova University. 3 high schools at Boulder Abant University of Baysal were closed.

President Type ErdoganAccording to the decision in the current issue of the State Gazette at the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Tourism, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Sports Sciences were established at the University Abant İzzet Baysal.

The Bail Abbant Health School, Bayesal, Kemal Demir School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and 4 new faculties were closed.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Bolu, which is part of the Abantz University of Rees Basel, was renamed the Faculty of Engineering.

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