Sunday , June 20 2021

Explanation of unjustified recording of voice by the Medical Faculty of Thrace: "The necessary remedies will be applied"

A 13-year-old man was targeted at our hospital with pre-diagnosed leukemia / lymphoma (lymph node cancer) at the Keshan State Hospital on January 20 at 01.40. and the patient can not be saved despite all the interventions.

The patient was evaluated for the possibility of meningococcemia due to rashes developed before and during the intervention and all the tests and the necessary treatment were performed.

"A sample of the fluid from the patient reported to the provincial health directorate was sent for review and the patient was diagnosed with Nesisseria Menengitis." The analysis of the type is still ongoing All necessary precautions are taken with respect to the patient as indicated by There is no risk for other children.

In that case, by sharing an audio record with unfounded allegations stating that our university hospital does not take the necessary measures, our people are panicked and anxious, the morale and motivation of the hospital team will be used in the necessary legal way.

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