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February 13 SHOCK is on shelves of weekly products reduced! Selected Products …

SHOCK has released its current catalog of products to be held on the shelves this week. This product catalog of 13 February 2019 includes an electric pedestal grill, a Bluetooth speaker, a karaoke microphone, granite tiles, pillows, detergents, personal care products, and many more. here SHOCK 13 February 2019 the full catalog of current products and the new version February 16 Catalog of the weekend products …

BİM 15 February, the full catalog of the latest products! Catalog Discount for all products.


– 5-degree thermostat with 100-260 degrees temperature-adjustable and dishwasher parts The electric foot grill is only 69.90 TL.

– Phone, tablet, TV and computers can be connected to a Bluetooth 300 mAh battery Bluetooth speaker.

– Connects to Bluetooth and has adjustable echo modes with AUX input Karaoke microphone.

FebruaryOK 13 February 2019 current catalog of products

– Sandy beach with granite effect Karnıyarık Tencere 39,90 TL.

– Sandy beach with granite effect Deep oven 39,90 TL.

Pan with sand granite effect 27,50 TL.

– The beach has a granite effect.

– Small granite pan with a small size of 17.95 TL.

– Pasabache 3 cups for 12.95 TL.

– Tea cup Paşabahçe Heybeli 6 £ 11.95.

– Container for storage of steel small size 12,95 TL.

– Stainless steel container for 14.95 TL.

– Steel storage vessel for 16.95 TL.

– Pasabachche container for storage of snowbox.

-Paşabahçe 3lü spice 6.99 TL.

– Towel Cleaning Towels 3 with 5.99 TL.

– Cleaning kit with rotating mechanism.

– Decorative pillow.

Plush animals and friends.

– Crazy cars.

– Toy Bulldog Truck.

– It's on the second page of the catalog House Sunflower oil 5 liters only 30,50 TL.

CurrentOK Current catalog

– Doggy Black Label.

Sütaş sour yogurt.

– Cookies filled with a noble kiln of 8.95 TL.

– Amigo core.

– Pickled beets.

– Instant coffee.

– Ülker That's $ 2.95.

Eti Topkek food.

– Hobby hair gel.

– Gliss Conditioner.

Cream Elidor 7/24.

– Cleaning agent 15.95 TL.

– Boron powder for washing.

– Foam soap.

– Flower of St. Valentine.

Flower pot with orchids.

– Types of Palmolive shower gel.

Diadermine Makeup cleansing water.

– Mascara 19.90 TL.

– Set of makeup brushes.

Tekin Acar Simli nail varnish varieties.


Shock markets offering affordable products to customers at the end of the week;

– 2 HDMI outputs, 1920×1080 peer resolution and 400 Hz refresh rate Axen 40 "Led TV Satellite Receiver.

– Split body construction, stainless steel blade with long-lasting DC motor Complete kit for mixers.

– 4 lateral tires Single quilted mattress.

– 4 lateral tires Double bed with queen size mattress 32,50 TL.

– Women / men of different sizes Set of pajamas 37,50 TL.

Fitness sweatshirts for women.

– Made of 100% cotton, 4 side tire, single sheet is 19.95 TL.

Double bed made of 100% cotton, 4 side tire.

– Towel dryer.

– Drawer organizer 9,99 TL.

2 Drawer drawer.

Quilted pillows.

* Also available for purchases of 25 TL or more;

– Cilit Bang Oil Solvent Spray and Spray Remover for Combustion, together with the cost of the campaign, instead of just 34.90 TL 17,00 TL.

– Colgate Slim Soft toothbrush package 10 TL.

SHOCK 16-19 February 2019 current catalog of products

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