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Festivals are not what you think


There is widespread market perception and competition created by dozens of festivals such as Zeytinli Rock Festival, MillionFest, Kuşadası Youth Festival, Rockukurova Rock Festival, Samsun Youth Festival, Erikli Rock Festival, Thrace Music Festival, EskiFest, GezginFest, CartFest, CurtFest and so on. However, most of these festivals are organized by one company: the Million Production Organization.

Birın's Anıl Aba studied the festivals.

Amış Unassigned rockstar ”Umut Kuzey, who took the stage at the Rocky Festival Zeytinli years ago, somehow conquered the festival and started doing it again under the name Million Production. After the Zeytinli brand rock festival, he created the MillionFest brand. Over time, the business grew to become a festival circuit in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Eskisehir, Samsun, Adana, Aydin, Ankara, Mugla, Balikesir, Kayseri, Hatay and Konya.

Certainly such festivals are a necessity for young people. Thanks to the million-dollar production, the number of festivals has increased and festivals have even taken place in remote cities. Even if it's not a "miracle boo, it's a really nice service, thank you." But there are some serious problems here

The bands that want to go to the festivals organized by Million Production have a limited agreement: anız If you go to our festival, you cannot go to other festivals. If you go to another festival, you can no longer play our festivals. "The whole thing starts with this" mobbing ..

A million products think, "I'm taking you to my festival, you're playing at another festival in the same city five days ago, you're reducing my ticket sales." Extremely sensible to the company … OK, but where's the competition in the free market ?! I'll tell you where I stay; Greg Mankiv and his companions stayed in the textbooks to save bullshit. Because there is no such thing as a free market. Capitalism is not based on competition in the free market, but on the tendency of monopolization. Point.

This is how millions of production bind groups together. Even big and big musicians are forced to harass Umut by saying "money for bread". The rite is a monopoly. For example, in the summer of 2018 gezginfest Istanbul (Turkey InterRail) and the Olive Rock Festival (Million Construction) program for a total of 91 zrf "groups, when you look at the stage we see that only 13 are located in the gezginfest Istanbul program. There are only 6 Rather, the GezginFest Izmir groups, some of these few intersections at the intersection, are big enough stars not to impose restrictions on Theoman and Jem Adrian, others like On On Two Kala Can and Go Can Gox f groups. "The mid-business adak confirms suspicion that something is against competition law.

Moreover, the program of the Millions of Production festivals is the same as the set Iftar menu, the same groups in all: Teoman, Zelda Bajan, Mohr and beyond, Mongolia, Athens, Niyazi Koyunku, Manga, Ceylan Ertem … Most of the time even the stage sequences are the same. They officially make a festival with copy and paste. If they change the banner date for next year, it will be the new banner. Sometimes I see a new festival poster on the wall, I see it: Teoman, Zelda Bajan, Niyazi Koyunku … They turn the ball over with the same names. However, each city has a different culture, different sociology, different music requirements. They make the festivities common, and they almost make McDonald's music.

YIKTIN VIRAN Competition Legal Action

Now that most bands are like Mill Production staff, you can't find a band to play when you want to organize a festival. Managers either say stamps that are too high to be paid or give a scandalous response such as "No brother, our artist's schedule is intense." In other words, the monopoly to build millions eliminates equal opportunities for new entrepreneurs. You can't because they make the festival.

Umut Kuzey and the groups that deal with the predecessor in the system, except for those who cannot agree. All bands (High Fidelity, İlhan Güryalçın, etc.), Smoke, Pentagram, Feridun Düzağaç, Redd, Aylin Aslım, Peyk, Craving for Cloud, Grip, Purple and Beyond, Güven Erkin Erkal, played by Haiko Tsepkin, Alpay свиalt . outside or experiencing various kalayazanlardan problems. Of course, some then bırak left aside hostility “they started going to festivals again. But there is a very clear case of vs vs vs vs. "

Once they gain market power, the salaries paid to the groups are determined by the million production. For example, a £ 5,000 printing group is offered £ 2,000. Will you go out? NSA, no. But if there are no other festivals around, you may need to leave to cover your child's school expenses. Some groups even pay for the trip. I will say that there are quite a few suppliers (hundreds of groups) but only one buyer (Million Manufacturing). We call it "monopsony" in the economy. If you have to sell your work to a large company with high market power, your pay is set at low levels by the buyer's monopoly, not by market competition. This is why Umut Kouzei is called "Cheap Hope."


Umut Kouzei said: “Every year we go to this festival area with portable toilets, showers, etc. Let's do it ourselves instead of renting the service. Million Within the million-dollar production, Toilogi creates a mobile life support company. Not enough, he goes to Million Beach Fest and buys a beach business in Chillos (see Million Beach). It goes, it includes an Internet TV called Million TV and it broadcasts. He goes and buys a concert hall in Ankara (see millions performance hall). It's not enough to sell their own tickets to set up a company called Million Tickets.

The trend towards monopolization is also felt in ticket prices. When we look at the combined + tickets for camping at the Zeytin Rock Festival over the last six years, we see that prices are rising well above inflation every summer. So the million dollar production reflects its monopoly power on ticket prices.

Mostly at the festival where the students come, everything costs fire. They sell beer in plastic glasses for 20 pounds. 10 pounds outside. People drink beer sitting on the streets outside the festival area. As the food is expensive and of poor quality, the children buy from the supermarket in the morning and have breakfast at the cafe. When they eat and drink outside, the concert begins. If anyone asks, we've come to the festival, we have fun. Çıkarmak They even made a book selling three kilos of electricity in refueling units, even storing pockets in their pockets. Because such fine calculations take a lot of money.


Hope North is an arrogant and cartoonish type of flash attracted. But in fact, the trend towards monopolization has spread throughout the entertainment industry. Managers, space owners and sponsors also participate one hundred percent … They all rust and act like cartels. They sell the band as if they were selling nail clippers on a ferry. For example, let's say that the venue is looking for a group concert. Menajer I put the X group (for example) at 20,000, says Beer Manager. He goes to another manager and says: bağla Connect me to this group of 18,000. " It goes with the other 16,000 agreements. They give the group 14 thousand pounds of cash in the cache … Here, show the television "1 kilogram of potatoes in the field, 1 kilogram in the green" 8 have news or the same conversation. The grocery store owner is here, the broker is the manager, and the potato band is the music group.

The music market has become a terrible corporate dystopia. The event had nothing to do with music, art or aesthetics. The only thing remotely related is that some bands play some songs on stage. However, the music festival is a culture. Woodstock, BarışaRock … But with the ambition of money, they turned the festival culture into a mediocre cacophony, where teens drank and drank, it didn't matter what kind of music was being played, without any innovation and quality. We even made fun of Rock'n Coke we cursed. I will no longer go to rock festivals. I wouldn't go again if they paid you. I can't have fun at festivals because I feel like a customer of commercial turmeric, not part of this uprising culture. I don't think most people have fun.

They won't take me anyway. One of our brothers, who criticized these festivals correctly, said that although he had his own ticket, he was not accepted by the security guard at the entrance. Several of the musicians I interviewed said: We are grateful that you have dealt with this topic that we all complain about, but no one can say, but now we are on the stage with Million. [ya da sahne almak için görüşüyoruz]açık Obviously, we can avoid sharing the article on social media. " Do you see the fear of being left out of monopolization in the music community ?! This is a situation where they kill artists who want to make music passionately and who want to live and work under conditions as human beings


See, in 2018, the organizer of Coachella Goldenvoice was tried on charges of creating an illegal monopoly. SZA and Daniel Caesar refused to attend the Soul's Out Independent Music Festival in Oregon because they performed in Coachella. Because Goldenvoice places a radius clause in confidential contracts [radius clause], This article prevented Coachella groups from participating in another festival within 2100 km of California (near half of America) between December and May. Justin Timberlake, for example, was unable to attend the festival because he did not plan his American tour again in Coachella's radius. I lived for 6-7 years in Salt Lake City, where I went to graduate school. I've always wondered why large groups haven't been to Utah for years. Turns out we were in radius. So I went to California to watch Interpol (festival + camp + flight ticket) or couldn't watch it at all. I couldn't watch …

Then Lollapalooza, imposing the radius of the substance on the group, emerged from the confused ayyuka diligently. Event entrepreneurs and some US groups are now fighting the law. Goldenvoice's biggest argument here is Coach maintaining the value of the Coachella brand, which is a billion dollar project. In Pasham, Malkara Keşan u

The millionaire does the same verbally, not through written agreements. You know things handshake goes to Turkey. Therefore, it does not matter if the contract contains the radius article. There are dozens of groups expressing this restriction, and it is obvious that comparative composition applies to the radius of Turkish work. Well, they say "You can't play X if you play Dorock XL" or san You can't play Y "if you played in the Moda Boathouse this month" or you can't play Z "if you play Sofar? They don't say that E is doing anything to eliminate competition and empty the pockets of young people.


Young music lovers can boycott this counter; If no one goes, the festival sinks. Music groups can boycott this counter; If no one does, the festival will sink. But the boycott comes to a conclusion if the majority participates. My respect for the individual is truly endless. But the brutality of capitalism does not allow salvation. As the problem is systemic, this does not happen with separate boycotts. He will never step on the stage and sing söylemek Something to Do ”…

On the other hand, high schools do not know, in the past municipalities have held such festivals. But when it became clear that there was a huge rent in this business, the festival was first privatized and then monopolized. I can show the Nilüfer Music Festival, organized by the Bursa Nilufer Municipality for five years. Would you consider the beauty of the bands that have appeared in previous years: Oi Va Voi, Evgeny Grinko, Dubioza Kolektiv, Kadebostany, Erik Truffaz, La Caravane Passe, Ilhan Erşahin, Ars Longa, No Land… I wish other municipalities a traditional holiday of garlic, lavender festival, water festival with garlic I do not know what activities such as music festivals in this setting. There is no such thing as a million productions when there is no festival. Before Pozitif Müzik was sold to the Doğuş Group, it was the Ositif festival of the Efes Pilsen Blues de de in cities such as Samsun, Konya, Adana and Bursa.

Million Production's applications give it monopsonic power as a buyer and monopoly power as a seller. I believe this is not compatible with competition laws and the destruction of festival culture. If Turkey is not a banana republic (which it is not), for the protection of competition, Million conducts a preliminary investigation into determining whether a violation of construction law, No. 4054. In the light of the information, findings and findings obtained, an investigation is opened for the company. Everyone who contributes to publication and production is subject to criminal penalties. The securing of the Woodstock monopoly was broken, the cartel was distributed. Those who have managed to save the store from this huge cake and leave these jobs start playing bar and cafes.

Or, even if an investigation is not initiated, the matter is subject to false penalties. No penalties are imposed on the distribution of competition. Faced with this trend, musicians do not act in unity. Listeners remain indifferent to what is happening. The discussion does not go beyond the title found in the heart. After all, young people continue to listen to ridiculous bands at exorbitant prices, some groups continue to present themselves on the stage of abdominal fullness, and organizers and managers continue to feed on the rental cartel. Thus, Turkey Yavuz Cetin bones of the rock music market sızlatarak rot goes …


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