Wednesday , January 27 2021

First Stage of 18th Stage – First Stage

The neighborhood is mixed in urukur. The battle between the children and the children of Jukuri kills the audience.


After the 50th episode of urukur, which was a stage of great excitement, the wasukur 51st episode was published. Here's the first scene …


The hit of the ranked record and the summit that is needed in the changesukur & Yamaç in shooting changes all balances. When you do not expect to eat 2 lead yamaç, Selim is taken to the hospital. Everyone who gets the terrible news is unhappy. As the slope struggles to live in the hospital, his brothers act to find the one who shot the slope and get revenge.

Andeto and Mahsun, who are trying to reborn from their ashes, take steps to achieve their goals. Selim misinterpreted Mahshun's conversation with the Senate, asking Seña a misleading question. The tension between Bartholomew and Kumali began to diminish thanks to Saadet. Selim pointed a gun at Mashun, shocked by the landscape.

Selim grows to help the slope, the purpose of the bullets. Kochoval's family, who received the news, is unfortunate. While it is curious to see who shot the slope, the new episode (the first scene of the new episode) begins to be interrogated after the last chapter.

Sinan Ozturk, whose script is written and directed by Sinan Ozturk, is a popular actress of Arras Bulut Inemli, Dylan Shichek Denise. in the same construction. The new part of the pits series is with you on Monday night.

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