Monday , October 25 2021

Frightened by mistakes! Star football player with the road – Fenerbahce news, photos


Frightened by mistakes! Star Football Player with Road Leaving – Last Minutes Fenerbahce News, Photos – Photomaker

Before the new season, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid duel with world giants like Fenerbahce began to take shape. Coach Ersun Janal, two games after analyzing a name he deemed insufficient to send to the requested team. Fenerbahce's leadership has initiated initiatives on this request. An experienced football player is scheduled to be sent for rent or sale.

Fenerbahce gave the most serious exams before the new season with Audi Cup matches and summarized the season.


The matches for the fans and for the management of the yellow Latsiveller matches for both the problem as well as the solutions and the representation of the team were discovered. Here's what we learned from Fenerbahce at the Audi Cup;

STOPER of at least 1 star

What is most clear is that Fenerbahce receives a star cap. The rotation of the stopper currently in Reyes, Sadık and Serdar Aziz is the weakest point of yellow-blue.

This became very clear in the Audi Cup. If Reyes also goes to Fenerbahce's leaders here to make a move to the 2nd stopper. Even the flight has to leave, the second shuttle transfer has to be made …


Fenerbahce's attacks are shaped by about four players; Muriqi, Kruse, Rodrigues … Ozan Tufan and Mehmet Ekichi (Alper Potuk). Although Ozan Tufan is physically qualified in this field, he is not qualified to gather the region as a leader.


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