Monday , September 26 2022

Galatasaray Diagne shock! Here is the Recommended Fee – Last Minute Galatasaray News, Photos


Galatasaray Diagne shock! Here's the witness fee – Last Minutes in Galatasaray News, Photos – Photomach

While Galatasaray is in the process of transfer, the uncertainty surrounding the sale of Diagne ends. The sale of yellow-red Senegalese striker Diagne & # 39; nin has been finalized. However, the cost of the testimony to be paid for the striker football player has created a shocking effect among Galatasaray fans.

Galatasaray's most discussed issue of the last period has finally come to a decision.


The yellow-reds awaited the joyful announcement of Mbaye Diagne.

Cim-Bom, who writes Diagne at the top of the list, finally gets rid of it.

The Senegalese striker will already be separated from the roads and sales will be reported in the middle of next week.

Galatasaray, Diagno agreed to sell the club with the agreed name.


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