Friday , March 31 2023

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[Haber görseli]The number of applications for the 4th Extraordinary General Meeting of the GOOD PARTY and the membership of the General Administrative Council (GTC) of the values ​​were noted. While 700 candidates applied to be elected GTC members, 841 of the current thousands of 60 party delegates participated in the congress. The fact that 219 delegates did not participate in the congress led to some party commenting that "The call of MHP President Devlet Bahceli to return to the Olduğ House" had an effect on the delegates. The good party president, Merrill Aksener Bahçelien, called in his speech again without a name: “One person, five people are attacked by bandits, neither nationalist nor human. Instead of training politicians, he becomes neither a nationalist nor a man of the mobster-like mentality. We are not among those fleeing the will of our delegates. We are not among those who come to power to ignore the delegate's signature. We are not among the forty catfish to protect our places. "
The fourth extraordinary congress of the GOOD Party, the Nâzım Hikmet Cultural and Congress Center, was held yesterday morning at 11.00. As the parties took their place in the hall in the early morning, photographs of Aksener and "Today is the first day of the future" were hung in the hall. President Merrill Aksener was invited to the chamber, accompanied by the announcement of imprisonment and death in the leadership. Before the convention, the name of the MHP leader, without naming him in the State Garden Hall, caste, "between us who cannot be fans of a good party in Adana", a message appeared on Ferdi Tayfur's song "Needy Me" . The opening of the congress was made by Secretary-General and Party spokesman Cihan Pachaki.

841 delegates were present
Paçacı, stating that 748 of the 60 delegates in the House, said they had enough to make the convention. After the number of delegates attending the congress, the number of delegates attending the congress is 841 according to the list of participants prepared by the GOOD party. 219 delegates did not attend the congress, despite the "leaf of the leaf." Two days before the congress, Bahchelli called on the GOOD party idealists to return home. " The fact that 219 delegates did not participate in the congress was interpreted by some party members as "a gardening effect." Some party members also responded to this comment. Following the speeches, Izmir Musavat Dervishoglu's deputy was unanimously elected. The Council's Vice-President of the Council was Kayseri Dursun Attash's deputy. After a moment of silence with the chairman of the National Anthem, the GOOD party, Meral Axen made his speech before the convention.
In a summary, Aksener said:
The homeland is sacred to all its living creatures: they sacrifice blessed trees and olive groves for the performer's ambition, sacrifice Tseratepe, Mount Kaz and their insatiable golden appetite. They tried to tear down thousands of trees as if they were shameless work. They turned to a paradise corner like Lake Salda in the desert, we will not allow it. We will no longer pollute our rivers. We will no longer plunder our forests. We will no longer put concrete in our pastures. We will no longer offend our farmer. We will also teach those who do not know; homeland soil, water, tree, flower, holy to all living things.
obstacle to Turkey's ruling party: To be successful, they are looking for a dark page in our history. Couldn't find a new date? You tell Greece to take back the islands you gave up; They extend the language to Lausanne, the act of the National Covenant. This war will not worry even open its own glorious history of power is already one of the pillars to look at Turkey.
51 percent are not enough for us: we will present our vision of democracy. We will create a new system that makes quick decisions, works fast, but also bills. We will take everyone's opinion and listen to everyone's problems and protect the rights of every member of our nation, we will prepare a new constitution. 51 percent are not enough for us. We will prepare such a constitution that they will see what the social consensus is. Every Turkish citizen will know that "my country protects me, my country does not leave me hungry and exposed."

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