Saturday , April 17 2021

Gives kidney to a 32-year-old girlfriend

porcelain Connect directly with Remziyediagnosis of tuberculosis before renal failure Sellahatin Yildirim, his life partnerdonated kidney.

Selahattin Yıldırım (54), who lived in Kütahya, was admitted to the hospital with complaints of appetite and weight loss, frequent fatigue and irregularities in blood counts. Yildirim, the Mediterranean University Hospital, the diagnosis of kidney failure in the analysis is recommended to be transplanted.

Yüldırım's 49-year-old 32-year-old partner, his husband wants to dialysis dialysis and not waste time.

Selahattin Yildirim has also been found to be tuberculosis. He returned to Kyuthaya and received treatment for tuberculosis. His wife, Remziye Yildirim, to avoid a kidney problem for 6 months does not even use painkillers.

Yildirim came to the organ transplant center at Akdeniz University Hospital to complete the treatment. Yildirim was approved as a result of the investigations, the director of the center. Dr. The team headed by Bulen Aydinli transports the kidney to his wife.

Remziye Yildirim, tears of happiness with the life of his friend has poured tears.

I said, "I will be."

Remziye Yıldırım did not leave his wife's head in the hospital, the AA correspondent, said in a happy kidney, gladly said.

Yildirim, "We have two daughters aged 22 and 30 and they wanted to give their kidneys, but I told my partner that I would be the used expressions.

The husband told her, "Take care of my kidneys, watch her drink her." Remziye Yildirim, Selahatin Yildirim said, "I will take care of very good. I can not pay the right" to give money.

"We are an integral part"

When Selahatin Yildirim was diagnosed with kidney failure, he told his wife that he was ready to be transported.

"My wife gave her a voluntary kidney, thank you very much. We are now an integral part. Thank God I got rid of, I'm fine, I can go. Yıldırım also called for organ donation.

The Chief Doctor of the Hospital. Dr. Bulent Aydinli, 2019, went quickly, successful liver and kidney transplants continued, he said.

Claiming that they are trying to provide better patient service, Aydınlı said that every year we place the band on top of the number, quality and diversity of the work done. We will do various operations. He said.

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