Thursday , June 1 2023

Go home with sun glasses


Ophthalmologist Doctor Sait Eğrilmez warns parents: The most important reason for eye disorders in children is that they don't get enough sunlight because they don't spend time outdoors.

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Ege University School of Medicine, Ophthalmology Department Dr. The word curve is not found in the description of visual disturbances in about 700,000 people in Turkey. Myopia is seen in children, far from illness, long viewing tablets and telephones and children are not enough to take sunlight outside, he said. Sait Eğrilmez gelişim 2-3 hours a day to children outside, the time spent in the open air prevents the development of myopia. The prediction is that half the world will be shortsighted by 2050, because our children don't see tablets and see computers. This is the most important cause of myopia in childhood. Children are increasingly shortsighted because they are not in an open environment. Our children don't play in hide-and-seek houses at the computer. We have to use our eyes from 4 meters. When you look at a computer, you don't feel the need to see the eyes far ahead. Take vitamin D and stay away from other diseases, and if you don't want your children to become myopia. The Ministry of National Education does not extend the duration of inhalation in elementary schools. He must take the outside of the classroom, to the school park, in a sunny environment. In He emphasizes the importance of spending time outside. Dr. Sait Eğrilmez also recently made a statement about the growing yellow spot disease. Yellow spot disease is caused by age-related disinformation of the cervical macular layer, which is located at the center of the retina, which is responsible for reading centers such as reading, facial recognition and touch. Eğrilmez states that yellow spot disease starts to increase in people over 65-70 years and almost 80 years. Since human life has been extended, there are around 250 thousand new people with yellow spot disease in our country every year. 90 percent of them are being treated, but seeing as many as 25 thousand cannot be improved very well. Yellow spot disease, as in every disease is very important in early diagnosis, he stressed the importance of early diagnosis in the treatment of underlined disease. Dr. Sait Eğrilmez also provides information about what to do for healthy eyes. One of the biggest elements that threatens eye health is non-curvature. Experts in the Mediterranean diet, suggest that this diet is very healthy for experts suggesting about the consumption of olive oil and fish.

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