Saturday , June 19 2021

Google sent 10 phones to the user who wants to come back!

Google Pixel 3, a remarkable model with powerful features. As with all brands, some Pixel 3 models questions skirmish this is possible. Life abroad Reddit a member of the Pixel 3 model due to some problems in his phone return I do he asked. Google gave a very different response to the requesting user. experienced interesting event details of our news.

Google has sent 10 Pixel 3 users

According to information submitted by Reddit Cheetoz user, the user sends the defective Pixel 3 model money return Requested. After this request to the user 80 dollar a tax return It has been paid. Cheetoz to the left 820 dollar while he was investigating why the money was not paid, he met a shocking incident. Google asks for a refund request 10 pieces Pixel sent another 3.

Go back to Google

Google legal as can not force the user to return the products. However Cheetoz, these products back return for it seems that this is insistent. The user is currently favorable although it accepts right whether Think about it. If the remaining money is paid, the user will return the sent devices. phones selling He says he'll figure it out.

The Cheetoz refund required by Cheetoz 820 dollar. However, 10 Pixel 3s sent by Google are nine a thousand dollar It is.

What is your opinion about this situation? If you had the same situation, how would you follow it?

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