Thursday , June 17 2021

Gripe complained to the hospital, returned from the dead

Mustafa Düzgün (36), who lived in Manisa, was admitted to the intensive care unit because of a deterioration due to respiratory failure after a flu complaint. Izmir Dr. Exempt from the Suat Seren Wounding, Surgery, Training and Research Hospital, the machine is restored after 27 days thanks to the machine that serves the lung.

Living in Manisa, married and father of a child, factory worker Mustafa Dzhugun is at risk of death by flu until there are no chronic illnesses. Izmir Dr. He was reborn with the Breast, Surgery and Training Hospital at Düzlü Düzgün. The patient has come to Izmir with a severe respiratory distress due to pneumonia after the flu. Dr. Cenk Kıraklı, associated with the respiratory apparatus, but did not recover because he tried a different treatment method.

The patient said they had passed the blood through a device called an artificial lung. Kıraklı, said the blood was given to the patient again. Kıraklı, "We choose this treatment as the last choice in selected patients, and if we do not get enough reaction with a normal breathing apparatus, this device comes into play because there is a significant risk, which means there is a machine outside that serves as a lung.

When the patient heals, we remove the device. We made him sleep in the intensive ward. This treatment lasted for 7 days. Slowly wake up and detach from the breathing apparatus. Now he returned to normal. In our country this device is mainly used in cardiovascular diseases. But the main use in the world is respiratory failure. Mustafa Bey, using this device and receiving positive results, was our third patient, "he said.

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