Tuesday , March 21 2023

He knew there was cancer through a glass of wine



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A young woman in Nottingham, England, learned she had cancer through alcohol.

According to Daily Mail, 25-year-old Lauren Firenza felt itching on her arm and neck after drinking a glass of wine for dinner. At first, the young woman ignored this symptom, thinking it was cold. However, this symptom is repeated two months later when Firenza again drinks wine. As a result, the woman decided to go to the doctor.

Computer tomography shows tumor growth in the right lung of Firenza. Doctors diagnosed Firenza with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Doctors, pain in lymph nodes after drinking alcohol and itching and discomfort in the abdomen are symptoms of the disease, he said.

Firenza managed to overcome cancer after six chemotherapy courses. But the young woman was advised by two more chemotherapy courses to prevent possible recurrence.

Enza I tried to control it by not letting the cancer control me, "said Fiorenza.

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