Friday , May 20 2022

He was caught on motorcycles – News


A motorcycle driver in Istanbul, the motorcycle on the road, jumping over his girlfriend from the wheel and continuing to use the motorcycle. VS After sharing images through a social media account, the event was reflected in the media. As for the incident, the driver BS from E.A. Departments of the Civil Traffic Directorate of the Traffic Control Department were captured.

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A driver arrested by BS from the courts or prosecution or traffic law certifying that the driver's license was taken temporarily or safely, even if the vehicle is 2,000 or 18 kilograms, a two-hand motorcycle, permanent driving and non-compliant with Article 235, traffic safety and rules related to the other regulations specified in the Ordinance, prohibition, obligations or obligations to comply with a total of 108,000 pounds, including a total of 2,000 361 pounds.

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Driver EA 2,000 18 pounds for driving without a driving license, traffic safety and rules set out in the Ordinance relating to other rules, prohibitions, obligations or obligations of £ 108, driving a two-handed motorcycle, steadily operating and not meeting the requirements of Safety listed in the Regulation A total of 235,000 pounds were applied due to a fine of 2,000 pounds (361 pounds).

Driver B.S. to the police department for judicial proceedings, E.A. He was referred to the Chief of Chekmekhoy's Children's Bureau. IHA

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