Friday , June 18 2021

Here are the best & nbsp; crypto-coins

China has posted the state-sponsored last-rating for the Crippo-currency. In the latest Bitcoin report he ranks 15th, and EOS remains the first.

Second line Ethereum

The Cryptographic Currency Ratings prepared by the China Information Technology Development Center (CCID) were first published in May last year.

In the ninth edition of the EOS Index kept its first position and Ethereum took second place.

Ethereum was followed by ontology, GXChain and BitShares at the 9th Global Global Techniques Global Technology Assessment Index, which was the first index published by the Authority in 2019.

Bitcoin climbed in three places

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, ranked 18th in the previous index, rose three places to 15th in the last index.

The last five of the index are Decred with Tezos, Bytecoin, NEM, Litecoin.

The entire ranking can be seen below:

Source: CCID

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